My Starbucks Ala Moana Strategy

By now you know Ala Moana has two Starbucks locations in operation, the renovated Macy’s location and the new Center Stage kiosk. Did you know you can get (free) refills at these locations?


Free refill

First, familiarize yourself with Starbucks’ nuanced refill policy for any drink. Supposedly, refills only qualify while you remain in store. Now how do you do that at an outdoor kiosk or in a location that has no inside seating? Technically, as soon as you pickup your drink, you’re headed out of the store in the Ala Moana locations.

On a recent visit, I purchased a venti iced coffee from the (emptier) Macy’s location. I nursed this for several hours whereupon I was near the kiosk. I asked if I could get a refill and got one, free with my Rewards card or $0.54 otherwise.

So my new strategy while shopping at Ala Moana is to get a tall size drink and go for a free coffee refill later in the day. And not to worry, I will not invoke further abuse of the ghetto latte.

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