What’s Old Is New Again

20140422-135311.jpgThat was fast! The Starbucks neighboring Macy’s Ala Moana has undergone a renovation and is ready for business. Looking at pictures taken by fellow caffeine addict, @yoda808, the renovation primarily appears to be cosmetic, but then again, the location wasn’t closed for that long, and it still is a tiny space so what can you really do? Not clearly discernible from the pictures is the lack of indoor seating. No longer do tables line the inside of the glass walls.


Structurally, things look the same although the drink pickup counter is nearer the middle, no longer at the end by the water pipe. Also, the pickup counter is flanked on each side by espresso machines (sadly not Clovers).


I can’t recall if the original layout had two espresso makers. If there were, the two machines were side by side, crowding the baristas. This new layout potentially provides a balanced piston action to fire out customer drinks. Hopefully this means shorter wait times in this popular pit stop.



Starbucks in Ala Moana is back at full strength with two locales at Hawaii’s largest shopping mall.

Now about the aesthetic redesign, here’s one opinion of the old but new look…


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