Scenes from Yesterday

A few more shots to go along with yesterday’s view.

That’s Hanauma Bay in the morning. It wasn’t as packed being a weekday, but as usual, the crowds kept ebbing and flowing throughout the day. I still can’t believe how many smartphones I saw in those ziplock “waterproof” bags. I guess they work, but the protection seems questionable.

Best moment of the day. After making fun of people using iPads to take pictures, a tourist couple asks @okamiNYC to take their pic…with an iPad Mini. What’s the word for that? Indignity? Ignominy? At the end of the day, Bklyngrl enjoyed the tram ride.

Then it was off to Kokonuts in Koko Marina to cool off. Their shave ice is soft and refreshing but takes some time to make. I gave them a three-star rating on Yelp, mainly because of the speed.

On the way back to Kailua, we stopped by some scenic spots to check out the natural beauty of Oahu. Can you spot the Kona Ice truck parked at Sandy’s? The gusting winds brought some nice blowhole action.


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