Abunai, White Buoy

The voice boomed over the public announcement loud speakers:


Strong current

“Warning. It is now high tide, and there’s strong current in the water. Stay away from the white buoys on the right and left sides of the bay. Make sure you can touch the ground. Children are to be supervised at all times and not left alone in the water. Keep kids at an arm’s length distance.

Repeat. There are strong currents on the left and right sides of the bay. Stay in the middle away from the white buoys, especially if you are not a strong swimmer. Stay away from the white buoys.”

Looking around the idyllic beach at Hanauma Bay, I saw many foreign tourists. Did they understand the lifeguard’s warning? Would the life-saving message be translated to other languages? Yes! The lifeguard is multi-lingual. He translates his warning into Japanese.

Abunai, white buoy. Abunai, white buoy.

Abunai, white buoys

Abunai, white buoys

I kid you not. I guess abunai more or less sums up the situation.

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