Overcoming My Hangup with Desk.PM

As I write this blog post using the Desk app, I’m beginning to understand my hangups using this dedicated blogging app full time. It’s the learning curve, dummy.

Years back when I got in to blogging, I used MarsEdit as my blog authoring tool of choice. As Internet connectivity became faster, more ubiquitous, and more stable, an offline app for writing wasn’t as critical. That started my transition of using the web-based WordPress interface for blog posts. Over the years and versions, the WordPress interface changed and improved, most recently adopting a distraction-free look in Version 4.1.

So there I was, surrounded by connectivity and familiar with authoring posts in WP. I knew how to tag and categorize posts. I knew how to set featured images and place and resize images. All of this basic stuff I didn’t know how to accomplish in Desk. Even titling a post was strange for me using Desk, so why change? 

It’s about the writing. As I learned more about using Desk, I started seeing how this app allowed me to focus on writing by truly removing any distractions and barriers. Typically when I log into WordPress, I immediately see the blog stats that I spend time analyzing, looking at popular hits and searches. Did I also mention that I secured my WordPress authentication which poses another (necessary) hurdle to get to writing? Even with my intent to write a blog post, there are enough distractions getting me to that point. Not so with Desk. Fire it up, get a blank page, and write. 

However, I can’t say that I’ll stick with Desk forever. There are times I need to get into WordPress and muck around. That and there’s still that learning curve with Desk to understand what it can and cannot do. But in the meantime, I’ve been writing more and more using Desk. 

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