iPhone 6s Cases Already for Sale

Ahead of the formal announcment of the latest iPhones, the rumored iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, protective cases are already available for sale. Spigen is advertising their pre-release selection on Amazon and at a reduced price. I don’t get how this is happening, but hey, Spigen is based out of Irvine, CA so all is good, right?

Of the current offerings, I’m leaning towards the Neo Hybrid EX with the clear back and colored bumper. Since we’re looking at the rose gold iPhone, the case needs to be transparent to showcase that color. My hesitation is that the bumper color won’t match the actual iPhone tone this early in production. But prices are nearly 50% off, so a $17 investment isn’t too damaging to protect a $700+ iPhone.

Wait, what? No free shipping on Amazon and not eligible for Prime?!? Add $5 for standard shipping with arrival in October? Pass for now…

But wait, Spigen has a store on eBay as well. Prices are comparable or even better than Amazon, and shipping is free (but still delayed until early October).

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