Must Shun Signature Sneakers

Sadly, I must accept the fact that I need to shun signature sneakers. While I love the tech, design, and branding of the kicks worn by LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Kobe Bryant, I have to realize that their signature shoes are, well, made for them – their style of play, their body mechanics, the anatomy of their feet.


Nike Kyrie 2

If your style or body doesn’t match the marquee players then you’re just out of luck. Got flat feet like me? LeBron don’t so don’t expect arch support in the LeBrons or Soldier lines. Historically, Kobe rocked the low tops so guess what you’ll see in the Kobe lineup (but not since his Achilles surgery)? Slash and drive like Kyrie? That’s why his shoes feature a propelling curved sole.

For me, Kobe’s low tops feel like they’re going to slip off my feet. Even with the impressive strap system of the LeBron Zoom Soldier 9, I couldn’t manage a lockdown that didn’t irritate my (non-)arches. Kevin Durant feet must match his lean, lanky frame. It’s like you need slim feet to properly fit the KD7.

Now, the exception to this, of course, is Air Jordans. All Air Jordans somehow fit my feet, even if they’re half a size different. It’s weird. There’s never been an Air Jordan that hasn’t fit me. Gotta be the shoes, right? 😉

So my personal takeaway is that I must shun signature kicks except for Air Jordans.

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