My Mind Is So Weak

Wow, my mind is so weak that I didn’t even realize that I succumbed. No pink shoes then. No pink shoes again, but then there they were – pink kicks!


Well really hyperpunch, not pink but a fine semantic line if you know what I mean. Where and when did this happen? I was looking for a higher cut shoe after some recent ankle pain and my low cut and beloved Air Max HAM beginning to wear down. Then I saw the Nike HyperDunk 2013 with this price tag of “Fiddy,” and I was sold.


No issues with fit as with my experiences with signature shoes. That outsole grip is amazing and while the shoe looks stiff, it’s pretty pliable. And there it is, pink kicks for my weak mind that didn’t realize I had pink kicks.

Click on the image below for more pics of the HyperDunk 2013.

Nike HyperDunk 2014

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