Nike Air Max Zero Beaten by Bots

I knew chances were slim to get the new yellow Air Max Zero, but I had to try for these SNKRS exclusives. But then, these AM0 were not exclusive to the iOS app afterall available on

Released at 5am Hawaii time, this is what I saw in the SNKRS app.


Yes, right at 5am, these shoes were out of stock. Gotta be them bots. I tried buying online and was in line to add the Zeroes to my cart, but all my attempts came up empty. Throughout the morning, various sizes popped up in inventory, but I could never add one to my cart, getting the usual error messages. The SNKRS app was totally useless after showing Out of Stock.

So what did I learn from this latest experience?

  • I won’t (yet) use bot software. Just not right, and these are shoes after all.
  • Nike still has a ways to go to make the buying process more fair.
  • Nike has another “IPO” with the release of the Air Max Zero.
  • I don’t have to worry about matching yellow kicks.


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