Pulpconnection Now Encrypted

Thanks to DreamHost and their partnership with Let’s Encrypt, Pulpconnection can now be reached using the secure SSL communications at


I did it wrong or at least didn’t really have a good understanding of what I was getting into. While secured communications is a good thing, I didn’t realize how much unsecure communications was actually going on. Pictures are not loading and some widgets are busted, assumedly trying to use http versus https.

That and my site’s certificate has an unfortunate mismatch due to the www prefix. Yeah, times have changed, and the URL convention of starting with www is no longer the norm. So the certificate I got from Let’s Encrypt is for, not Yes, it matters.

I may be able to reconfigure my site to remove the leading www, but I’m not sure what havoc that may cause. So for now, I’ll leave things as is, but if you go to, your browser should warn you of a mismatch. This is (mistakenly) intentional until I can figure out how to fix it

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