NYDC16: Day 6 New York

Arrived at New York Penn Station via a 3+ hour Amtrak rail ride.

Welcome to New York

Not as nice looking as the DC Union Station though.

Union Station in DC

Checked into our home base for the next few days. What a view of New York City and New Jersey!

After settling in and confirming Yelp and Foursquare (which I’ve had good results with while on travel), we headed to TripAdvisor’s #2 dessert place of New York City, Levain Bakery. We almost walked by its small entryway were it not for patrons stuffing their faces on the sidewalk. There was a short line that was much longer by the time we left. These cookies are the main attraction, even at $4 each.

We bought one of each cookie along with banana bread, brioche, and a mocha. Maybe we were the cause of the line backlog?

Not much room for a line

After paying with Apple Pay, we dug into a warm cookie.

Fresh and Warm…

Crispy texture on the outside but soft and moist on the inside and the explosion of flavor! No wonder this place is packed and highly rated. We can’t go back for more, can we?

We had passed a Trader Joe’s on the way to Levain and headed there next. A relatively small storefront opened into two stories of Joe’s goodies along with masses of shoppers.

A multi-storied Trader Joes

Passed on these items – Ghost Pepper chips and cold brew coffee.

My butt said no

Not enough days to finish the Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.

Time said no

We did go for these – previously confiscated Cookie and Cocoa Swirl and Mango Babka.

Pack in checked baggage

Mango, not chocolate

Don’t know if you can tell, but there are 30 active checkout counters, and a line to get to them.

The first day in New York ended with a brilliant sunset and a Starry night.

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