Frappula 2016 Is Confused

Starbucks has brought back its Halloween-themed Frappula for 2016, but this year’s version is confused. The 2015 version featured a mocha base, various layers, and a “bloody” raspberry syrup. On first glance, the 2016 version has the same recipe according to the official Starbucks app.


But in-store, the Frappula has strawberry instead of raspberry.


While it works, I’m liking the mocha-raspberry combo over the mocha and strawberries of 2016. Or maybe it’s because the mocha is accidentally missing from my Frappula? I had thought my drink looked a little too whitewashed.


I asked about the strawberry substitution, and the answer given made perfect sense. Currently, the raspberry syrup used by Starbucks is clear, so it wouldn’t impart that bloody look like red strawberries.

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