From Brave Sword to ArcSaber

I’ve given up trying to find the Victor Brave Sword 12 badminton racket in Hawaii. While discontinued, the BS12 can be found online but then again, there are replicas out there so buying online is fraught with fraud.

After more research and more importantly, not wanting to pay for a fake, I figured I go with a low cost racket. That’d be a better bet financially and skill-wise, and I really doubt there would be too much concern for fakes on a cheaper racker. The ArcSaber 002 seems like a good fit especially after reading a review from the Badminton Coach.

But then I spotted the Badminton Coach’s review of the ArcSaber 003 which he rated higher even though the racket itself is cheaper than the 002. While both models are no longer in production, you can still easily find the ArcSaber 002 on Amazon but not the 003.

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