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Found My Next Court Shoe

For the badminton court that is. Yeah, tennis shoes are a better match for badminton, but we both know my love for basketball shoes runs deep. Gotta blame Nike and that guy named Jordan for this continued love affair. And besides, some tennis shoes look good but not as good as the variety of basketball […]

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Liking the Yonex Voltric 5FX

Looking to upgrade an all around badminton racquet, I picked up the new Yonex Voltric 5FX. Under $100 at Amazon, this racquet is head heavy (as is the Voltric line), but the overall weight is light. I’ve used the 5FX a few times, and I can tell there’s more snap and pop in my swing. […]

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From Brave Sword to ArcSaber

I’ve given up trying to find the Victor Brave Sword 12 badminton racket in Hawaii. While discontinued, the BS12 can be found online but then again, there are replicas out there so buying online is fraught with fraud. After more research and more importantly, not wanting to pay for a fake, I figured I go […]

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Looking for the Victor Brave Sword 12

Doing some research on badminton rackets, I saw the typical brands of Yonex and Li Ning. But creeping in many reviews was a name new to me, Victor, and its Brave Sword 12 model. Seemingly it’s good all around, especially for its price. But I’m not sure where to buy it. Amazon has a few […]

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Some Serious Shuttlecock

The sporting world of badminton is a mystery to me. What I have learned is that if you want serious shuttlecock for the game, look to the Interceptor by Trident USA. The difference is the professional grade feathers on these shuttlecocks, and who doesn’t want high quality feathers on his shuttlecock?

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