Today I Am Defeated

Today I am defeated although it started last night with the surprise release of the SNES Classic Edition. So if you recall, I had one of these pre-ordered through Walmart but this “accidental” release was cancelled. Last night Best Buy released their pre-orders, accidentally or not. I didn’t see the release in time so missed out on their pre-order. I felt close a few times but could never complete the deal.

This morning, I find out that Walmart did their release (legit this time) along with Gamestop and Target. Again I was late and one hour behind the release, there was no way I was getting one. inventory came and went a few times, but I could never complete the checkout.

Now bummed, I get notified that my computer is running out-of-date software that I believe I had to install a long time ago to be in compliance. Either that software version is now old or unnecessary. So I gotta figure out what to do because really the service desk isn’t servicing.

Also dealing with Windows file and folder permission issues and trying to manage them without the use of groups. Not fun at all.

I think I’ll just blame yesterday’s eclipse for all of this. Here’s my view of the eclipse.

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