Crazy Clay Morning

What a crazy morning going for the last Yeezy 350 regional drop, the Clays. I gotta hand it to Adidas for making this an equitable, attainable drop for the masses. Yeah, the release was more than four hours ago, and Adidas finally sold out, so there was lots of time (and opportunity) to snag a pair. Sure, the small and big sizes went first, but if you were fortunate to make it through the Waiting Room early enough, you could have gotten pretty much any size as sizes kept coming back in stock.

Scary moment before the drop as it looked like I was banned from the Adidas site. Closing all browsers and restarting my Mac luckily remedied this issue. Then the waiting began.

Ding ding! That Adidas bell notification has to be one of the simplest and most useful feature ever.


yeezy-clay-common-sizesI got in about 45 minutes after launch and had a size 6 in my cart. Sadly, due to payment lag and slowdowns, I could not check out during my session time and was put back into the waiting room.  About one hour later, I finally escaped the waiting room, but by then, only common sizes remained. So I grabbed a personal pair just in case.

Hours later, I still couldn’t get back to purchasing as sizes gradually went out of stock.


And now the Clay drop is officially over at

yeezy-clay-sold out


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