I Take That Back…

Okay, okay, I take that back. I really didn’t fib. I was just delayed with the truth. A busy Friday prepping for a weekend at Bellows called for a caffeine boost, and looking to the skies, I was inspired to get another Cloud Macchiato. This time iced.

I must say the presentation of the iced version in the clear cup is very attractive.


The only draw back of this drink is how to best experience its flavor. This drink comes with the no-straw lid (the future of all cold Starbucks drinks) so without a straw to mix the cloud with the “ground,” the first few sips are all sweet foam, no espresso. So I gave in, got a straw, and mixed everything together. The drink is pretty good. Nothing exceptionally different from other espresso-based drinks but tasty and looks great. Of course, I need to conduct a few more tests to come to my final disposition of this drink



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