Good One Feature Sneaker Boutique

Gotta love Feature Sneaker Boutique for their creativity. Capitalizing on Virgil Abloh’s popularity with his Off-White label’s collaboration with Nike, Feature Sneaker had a draw then released these “NIKE AIR FORCE 1 UTILITY MID – OFF WHITE/BLACK.”


Can you see it the beauty in their product page? If I had a sneaker bot and wanted to cop the in-demand Air Force 1 Low Off-White Black White, what keywords would I tell my bot to look out for? Maybe, your keywords would look something like this “off white air force 1 black.”

Guess what? Feature Sneaker Boutique (or is it really Nike) read your mind and played tricks with this interesting-looking Air Force 1 Utility Mid sneaker. Yes, it’s an AF1 and the name of the colorway is Off White/Black/White and with a price tag of $165 (close to the legit Off White AF1 retailing for $160), most bots would be convinced they found one of The Ten and would have gone into action, buying any and all sizes automatically, hoping to make exorbitant resell profit.

And this shoe did sell out on Feature Sneaker Boutique so this bot-tricking scenario may have been successful. This shoe is still readily available at Norstrom for comparison purposes.

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