No Reflective Citrins Either

My Yeezy Reflective streak continues as I failed to get a reflective Citrin 350. And this was probably my best shot.

The regular, non-reflective Citrins dropped on Monday morning with mixed fanfare. Some like them, most don’t. But in usual Yeezy fashion, small and huge sizes sold out first. First there was the footsites of Footlocker, Eastbay, Champs, and Footaction (along with Finishline) at 1am HST. I couldn’t get past queue for most of the sites until much later. I did get into Champs right away and managed a checkout there, but like Footaction orders, I wasn’t sure if Champs would ship to Hawaii. Luckily they do.

Then hours later came Yeezy Supply and the Adidas app raffle. YS rolled out the same checkout process as the Clouds with that extra check at the beginning of checkout. Most bots factored this change in, but manual checkout was still smooth. Then the RF aka reflective changeup happened. About one hour after the non-reflective drop, YS puts up their infamous password page indicating that something is about to happen. Then surprisingly, Adidas starts up its waiting room for the Citrin RF.

I jumped in all queues, but YS was smart. Because queues were already triggered by the NRF Citrin drop, the RF checkouts would automatically face these queues. So you see where this is headed right? With all these stops in place, it was inevitable to see this.

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 7.18.01 AM

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