Saturday Started Off Cloudless

Waking up in the dark at 1am on a Saturday morning, you can’t tell if it’s cloudy outside. But I can tell you that it definitely was cloudless inside. The footsites released the Yeezy 350 White Clouds at 7am EST therefore 1am HST, and I was shut out. Totally. Every site I went to, I got the message to hang tight and I would be let in when it was my turn. Obviously, my turn was never going to come around as the time passed with me still hanging tight.

Humbled by the footsite shutout, I dejectedly waited for more rejection from Yeezysupply. I hadn’t been able to buy from YS like ever (okay, there was that one checkout during Yeezy Day). But if I didn’t try then the shutout would be complete. So at 4am, I refreshed, saw the Cloud Yeezys, and started the checkout process.

Then there was that checkbox. What was that? It was definitely new, and it was my key to success. Because of this wrinkle of one additional check, bots were confused and couldn’t handle this anomaly. This opened the way for a very smooth checkout. It was glorious even.

After that the sky was full of clouds.


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