Travis Be Trolling

Travis Scott is just playing mind games at this point. Around 7am HST, his site launched clothing and merchanise. One hour later, I’m still in queue to checkout.

I know all those items are out of stock, but that checkout queue is/was seriously busted.


If you try to buy other pre-order items, Hawaii residents will most likely get this warning.

No shipping to Hawaii

In that particular cart, I had shorts. But if you buy a single tee (or a cap), it does ship to Hawaii using USPS at $5.90. However, if you only want these lighter-weight items, then buy them individual up to $40 in total shipping because if you have two tees in cart (for example), shipping changes to UPS at $40.

So you could buy six individual light items can still be below the multicart checkout shipping rate.

Now the big question is – if a Hawaii resident wins the Travis Fragment AJ1 Low, will these heavy items ship to Hawaii?

Please stop trolling Hawaii residents, Mr. Scott.

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