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Ariane Slumbers

After an extremely busy 2014 as the most overexposed model of the year, even Ariane needs to slumber…in an Inspiration advertisement.

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Ariane for Jamba Juice

Meet Ariane, the Overexposed Model

Of course, by now, you’ve seen Ariane somewhere. You just didn’t know it. Vital, fresh, Asian-ish. She’s on all kinds of health, fitness, clothing, shopping, traveling, makeup, cooking, relationship, nursing, and more advertisements. Yes, her first name is Ariane, and she really is part Asian, and she has the unofficial title of the most overexposed […]

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An “Interesting” Crazy Shirts Ad

First off, I need to caveat that I LOVE Crazy Shirts. I own more than several in my wardrobe and their shirt designs, construction, and material are all top notch. But… I find their latest (online) ad umm, let’s say interesting. Here’s a screen shot. The positions and postures of the models, their facial expressions […]

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Starbucks Holiday Blends

New Advertisers – Lijit and Starbucks

Along with the tinkering, you, dear readers, might have noticed a few other changes. Pulpconnection is now running ads from Lijit and Starbucks. Lijit has always had its advertisement network, but I never tapped into it until recently. They match your content with advertisers and display appropriate ads on your site. My Lijit ad is […]

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A Sexist Sign?

“Sex sells” is the popular adage in advertising, I get that. So what do you make of this van’s advertising for Isle Discount? I understand the artwork is a caricature, but what is she wearing or not wearing?  Okay or over the top? But fret not for there is an iPhone and Android app for that! […]

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Banned from the Bowl

As usual, the Superbowl is a time for make-it-or-break-it commercials.  But before airing, all the commercials must be screened and approved.  Usually, it’s the good ones that don’t make the cut for the big game. is no stranger to controversy for its Superbowl ads.  This year, their commercial once again won’t air, but if […]

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Recent Promos

Some recent promotions I’ve seen or heard about. Saw the Buffmama mobile driving around, so I had to look it up. Buffmama is a personalized fitness trainer whose motto is “It’s not as hard as you think.” Knockouts Haircuts for Men. Coming to Hawaii soon I suppose since there’s a truck driving around emblazoned […]

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