ResExp: A Costly Lesson Learned

Whenever you’re learning something new, you’re bound to make mistakes. While you can research topics to no end, sometimes, there’s no better way than learning by actually trying… and failing. Like this.


You see, I didn’t realize what ATC links were while #coppingkicks. And in a frenzy trying to purchase profitable Off-White Air Force Ones, caution is greatly diminished due to time constraints. You remember that I told you online buys are measured in seconds. Think too long, and the item is gone. So you just gotta go!

That’s where ATC links come in. These links are Add To Cart, and they do just that. Click on an ATC link, and the associated item is added to a store’s cart and is ready for purchase. Much faster, of course, but you should be cognizant of what you’re adding to cart. In my case, the black Off-White AF1 had released (aka dropped), and restocks were happening. In a string of many notifications for the restocking black OW AF1, I managed to click on an ATC link that led me to a shoe ready for checkout. I successfully completed the order only to discover that I hadn’t purchased an Off-White but instead, I got the Adidas 98 x Crazy BYW Never Made. What’s that you ask? It’s a modernizatin\on of the old Kobe Crazy 8 shoe.

You see during the black OW AF1 restock, the black Crazy 8 shoe was released, mixing the notifications of the two shoes into a fast stream of information. And since you just gotta go, I didn’t notice that the black low-top shoe I added to cart was not an AF1.


Anyone interested in buying this pair of kicks? Actually things could have been worse. Since they are in my size, they are salvagable, and I do have a penchat for old school kicks with modern day tech like the Boost infused in these.


Perhaps I found my badminton shoe for 2019…