Bold New Camry Hawaii

File this under better late than never… Back in February 2015, Toyota unveiled their updated Camry line hashtagging it #BoldNewCamry. In Hawaii, Servco sponsored a social media tweetup where invited guests could check out the new Camry and even take a test drive around the Ward area. As a bonus, food was catered by Tango and games were hosted by familiar faces. The return favor for all of this was giving Toyota your impression of the bold, new Camry. Here’s just a sample of what was collected from the night. When you watch the video, listen to Gary N profusely lavish on about the bold new Camry, and you’ll see a tweet or two from me and @abaggy.

I must admit that the Camry does look great. It’s got style and high tech features like the integrated smartphone charger. Place your iPhone on the interior charging mat and it charges wirelessly during your commute. I rode in the four cylinder model that still had some decent pickup even with four passengers.

I like the aggressive look of the fascia and the styling of the front lights, atypical of a family sedan.

Truthfully, the Camry did impress, but at that time, I was looking for something roomier and with more swagger.

Here’s my favorite shot of the night.

And here are a few more pics from the #BoldNewCamryHI event.