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Faith Lost

Looks like this “faithful niner” has lost his faith. Beaten down and broken down, this abandoned truck has been collecting parking tickets for sometime. It’s missing one window, the car battery is under the vehicle, and it’s sitting on three wheels. Yeah, I’d say faith has been lost.

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Thanks for Bringing Back the Aztek, Honda

I would like to thank Honda for reviving the much maligned Pontiac Aztek. Okay, okay, Honda doesn’t own Pontiac or the discontinued Aztek, but when I saw this vehicle on the road, I immediately had flashbacks of Dark Angel’s Logan Cale aka Eyes Only blazing around in the futuristic Aztek. But instead, this is the […]

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Bold New Camry Hawaii

File this under better late than never… Back in February 2015, Toyota unveiled their updated Camry line hashtagging it #BoldNewCamry. In Hawaii, Servco sponsored a social media tweetup where invited guests could check out the new Camry and even take a test drive around the Ward area. As a bonus, food was catered by Tango […]

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Another i3

Spotted another BMW i3 electric vehicle, but this time it wasn’t parked. The i3’s wheels are like discs or kinda look like supped up spare tires.

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Intrigued by the BMW i3

There’s a new electric BMW i3 in the Kailua area, and it’s got me intrigued. Looks kinda funky but yet progressive. Gotta do more research – read reviews, read road tests, and look into possible leasing options.

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Arashi Blast: American Convertibles

While you’re stuck in traffic, take a look around at the surrounding cars. See more than your normal share of American muscle car convertibles? Seemingly the vehicle of choice for Hawaii tourists, I’m guessing the influx of visiting fans for the upcoming Arashi Blast in Hawaii concerts has snapped up all convertible rentals. So take […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Toyota FJ Cruiser

In 2014, Toyota will discontinue its FJ Cruiser line, making one last limited edition model called the Trail Teams Ultimate Edition Cruiser. After that, you won’t see any of these SUV/Jeep-looking vehicles from Toyota. That’s an instant collectible right there with only 2500 Trail Team Ultimate Editions manufactured. Naughty or nice, this FJ Cruiser is […]

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