NikeBots, Of Course

Were you out-botted?

While I never had looked into this, it should have been obvious. Whenever Nike (or any retailer) releases a new popular shoe, it sells out in seconds. It’s crazy trying to get a pair online. Why is this so? Bots, of course.

Via software shenanigans, these bots scour the online site, snatching up all the good stuff as they’re released. Spending a few hundred for this bot software to get high demand kicks for your personal collection or for resale? I can understand the appeal, but still, that’s an unfair advantage. Just be warned that all bots are not equal.

So Nike is attempting to remove this advantage with the implementation of access codes. Not sure how or when these codes kick in, but obtaining an access code does not ensure you have a pair, just the ability to order the shoes.

Here is Nike’s official policy of the Access Codes.