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Coffee Day 7

Tully’s Coffee Barista’s Black to start the day (even though this picture was taken at night). Nothing fancy, just straight up black coffee for a good morning jolt.

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Coffee Day 6

Coffee Day 6

With convenience stores and vending machines blanketing the Tokyo urbanscape, it’s hard not to be within reach of a caffeine hit. So while touring the streets of Shinjuku, a visit to Lawons yielded this. I don’t know how true it is, but I think there was a “New” sign next to this drink.Maybe not as […]

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Coffee Day 5

Despite seeing the different brands of coffee drinks available in convenience stores and vending machines, I had to try this Starbucks ready-to-drink beverage. The Caramel Macchiatto with Coconut holds true to its name with strong coconut tones sweetened by caramel.  The drink comes with a small extendable straw that’s important. Don’t try drinking this without […]

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Coffee Day 4

Grabbed the most “safe” drink that I saw at the convenince store. I recognized the Boss brand, could see the actual liquid, and wanted a larger size, so this Craft Boss coffee was my pick. Don’t believe I finished it in one sitting. It did help me make it through the day after waking up […]

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Coffee Day 3

Bought from a vending machine in the Nakamise shopping arcade is this Georgia European canned drink. Very much welcomed trying to get accustomed to the time difference – in the afternoon in Japan but at night Hawaii time. Nothing great, but it did caffeinate my system. Side note: there are no Day 1 or 2 […]

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Where’s the Caffeine, Costco?!?

Is this an epidemic or just bad timing? I’ve been to two different Costco locations in the past two weeks, and on both occasions, I haven’t been able to find their signature Seattle Mountain Coffee in anything other than decaf. What’s up with that? There are other caffeinated coffee brands available like Starbucks, Kauai Coffee, […]

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Starbucks Coffee Tumbler for 2017

Starbucks released their special edition coffee tumbler that allows for free coffee during January of 2017. Yep, for the 31 days of January, you can bring in this $40 tumbler and get free brewed coffee (or tea). Usually additions like vanilla and caramel are free of charge when using this tumbler. While you’re there, pick […]

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The Curb Now in Kailua

Wow, the shakeup of small businesses in Kailua just doesn’t stop. Sadly, Island Yogurt is leaving the Windward neighborhood, but Bee & Tea from Chicago opened their first Hawaii store on the same Hekili Street. Also opening on Hekili is The Curb that’s “keeping it fresh, hot, and cool with intentional coffee.” Now I don’t quite understand […]

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Starbucks New Cold Brews

No, I haven’t tried them yet and didn’t see any promotional materials this morning when I got my fallback Caramel Macchiato. But the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew sounds overall awesome and the Nitro Cold Brew sounds intriguing. I think I’d try the Nitro first only because of its uniqueness, but it’s also not available […]

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Disappointed with the New Nordstrom eBar

Oh eBar, you were my coffee oasis when queues were long at Starbucks. With two locations, a caffeinated drink was readily available after a short walk. But with your new single location in the Ewa Wing, I am saddened. Sure, the new eBar location looks great. The interior is bright and modern and the outside […]

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Dear Employee

When I ask that the stamps of two separate loyalty cards be combined, I don’t mean add one set of stamps to the other card and give me back BOTH cards. I mean I’m grateful that 14 stamps were transferred to complete one card, and I still have those 14 stamps on a second card, […]

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