Asurion Does NOT Care

That is what I’m feeling right now. So I submitted the requested paperwork online as instructed. Then I could select a date for a service technician to come out. I picked a date.

Now I learn that that scheduled date was not really scheduled. WHAT THE HECK?

Why would Asurion allow me to go through all these steps for no reason? I can only guess that they don’t care. There was no notification that the scheduled date did not process. It makes no sense.

So after an hour on the phone to track down my Service Request and keep pushing it through, the next available date is in six days. Six more freakin’ days without a refrigerator. WHAT A JOKE.

Really, it’s the takeaway and my opinion about Asurion’s service fulfillment for Home Depot’s Protection Plan. This entire system and infrastructure has failed me even though I followed the steps outlined. How can the company claim they care?