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Rona Eats: Boba Bar

In these Rona Times, this Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Bar is a popular seller. Found at local markets, finding these frozen boba drinks on a stick isn’t so easy. Some reviews: What I found at Palama Market: Brown sugar boba ice cream bars Is the Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Bar Worth the Hype? […]

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I Can Has Schweddy Balls

I can now cross it off my To Do list. Yes, I have tasted Schweddy Balls. This test ice cream flavor has been available at Ben & Jerry’s in Windward Mall for some time, but I never had the opportunity to sample the sweetness. So what do Schweddy Balls taste like? Kinda like vanilla. The […]

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Schweddy Balls in Hawaii

Get Schweddy Balls in Hawaii!

The search for Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls in Hawaii is joyfully over. Go to the Ben & Jerry’s location in Windward Mall and sample yourself some Schweddy Balls. Are malt balls loaded with fudge really that delicious? Find out for yourself at the mall that cares. As a missionary for Schweddy Balls, I’m sure […]

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Still Hunting Schweddy Balls

Aw nuts! I knew it was a ballsy move giving @abaggy the mission of getting Schweddy Balls. I mean this new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor just exploded on the scene, so finding these jewels wouldn’t be as easy as buying tea bags from the local grocery. Regardless @abaggy was up to the challenge […]

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Mission: Get Schweddy Balls

Both you and I know that @abaggy is an accomplished and savvy traveller. He’s already been there and done that, so to spice up his journeys, I pose scavenger hunts for him. He did well in Vegas but now on to his next mission. Can he get Schweddy Balls? Since Ben and Jerry’s Schweddy Balls […]

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Schweddy Balls from Ben & Jerrys

Who Has Schweddy Balls?

It’s hot outside, reaching 90-degrees. The tradewinds have stopped, and the humidity clings to your skin. All you can uncomfortably think about are Schweddy Balls, Ben and Jerry’s Schweddy Balls, and how good they’re going to taste. But who has Schweddy Balls in Hawaii?

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Shared Starbucks Ice Cream

Thanks for Sharing, Starbucks!

Got my coupon for a free pint of Starbucks ice cream in the mail. Thanks for sharing on Facebook, Starbucks! Wonder what flavor to get? Caramel Macchiato, Java Chip Frappucino, Mocha Frappucino, or Coffee? Caramel Macchiato sounds like a winner.

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