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Smart Marketing Move, Walmart

Very smart marketing move Walmart. In this week’s Sunday ads, Walmart is showcasing Halloween items. They also display Halloween creations made with the on-sale items. You might be thinking, “Hey, that’s pretty cool. I wonder how’d they make it?” Looking on the ad page, Walmart has included directions for the creations…on Pinterest. Also, each “recipe” […]

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Marketing Pads

Thanks to the contributors of Holy Kaw for finding this unusual marketing campaign for pads. I don’t know what to say other than watch this 3 minute video.

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Marketing Via Blogs

Companies are giving a closer look at blogs to help advertise their products. Seems like more product promotions are being left to bloggers to spread the word. Coupled with traditional advertising, blogs provide a very cheap source of advertising. Companies are increasingly partnering with hobby bloggers to harness the burgeoning influence of online buzz. Through […]

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