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The Vanishing Playstation 5

It’s simply amazing how fast the new Sony Playstation 5 sells out. No matter the vendor, no matter the venue, and no matter what time of day – the PS5 vanishes seconds after releasing. Today, Walmart advertised that they would be restocking the PS5 for an early Black Friday. I refreshed the product page for […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 My Hero Academia Ultra Collection

If like me and haven’t seen the anime series My Hero Academia, this gift is perfect. Exclusive to Walmart, this Ultra collection contains seasons 1-3 on Blu-Ray, DVD, and in digital. This set also includes a FigPin of All Might (like I know what that means). Now the hardest part is finding this price-friendly set. […]

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Walmart and Nintendo Both Suck

Of course. Of course, it was too good to be true. I happened to be at the ready when Walmart announced its pre-order of the Nintendo SNES Classic Edition, and I managed to get my pre-order processed. But today, I got notified (and so did everyone else) that this SNES pre-order was a technical glitch […]

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Item Pickup Today Does Not Mean in Stock at Walmart

Obviously, I assumed too much when seeing this meter stick on Sure, it’s available for pickup at the Pearl City location today if I order/buy it online. So I guessed that for the item to be available today, it should be in stock at the store. Otherwise, how can it guarantee the item be […]

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NES Classic Edition and

Available in limited quantities at, the NES Classic vanished in seconds. I had one in my cart but got several errors when attempting to check out. Of course, when I did manage to checkout, I got another error saying the item was not in stock (even though I had still one in my cart). […]

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Smart Marketing Move, Walmart

Very smart marketing move Walmart. In this week’s Sunday ads, Walmart is showcasing Halloween items. They also display Halloween creations made with the on-sale items. You might be thinking, “Hey, that’s pretty cool. I wonder how’d they make it?” Looking on the ad page, Walmart has included directions for the creations…on Pinterest. Also, each “recipe” […]

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Walmart Does Not Online Price Match

Boo, I learned first hand that Walmart (at least in Hawaii) does not price match their own prices advertised online. I discovered that LEGO had discounted select sets on Amazon and at Target, and I confirmed the lower prices on the respective company sites. I also checked for the reduced prices, and the recent […]

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Thor's Hammer

Wal-Mart Hammering Back Prices

This week, Wal-Mart announced that it is recommitting itself to low prices and is launching a new ad campaign to hammer in this message. Must be why Wal-Mart is now selling these. What would the gods of Asgard think?

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