RSS Newsreading Is a Game Changer

After choosing to go with NetNewsWire over Endo as my RSS newsreader/aggregator, I’ve been re-evaluating my web reading habits and noticed that I rarely visit web sites as a starting point. I have a bunch of RSS feeds that I subscribe to with NetNewsWire, and I use those feeds as my starting point. I no longer fire up my browser and go to site after site in my bookmarked favorites.

I save quite a considerable amount of time by looking at the headlines and/or summaries of the RSS feeds instead of visiting each site and waiting for pages to load. Additionally, I don’t get ads in RSS feeds that clutter up the screen or open pop-up windows. I can subscribe to much more news sources and scan them quickly in a shorter amount of time. This is a game changer.

I’m not saying that strictly using RSS feeds is the only way to go. I still do visit web sites, but I find more and interesting content via RSS feeds. Sometimes, the entire article is included with a site’s feed so I never have to visit the site, and that’s perfectly fine with me. The feeds that include nothing but headlines are irritating (you hear me

So, if you’re looking for ways of getting more information in a shorter amount of time, then strongly consider using RSS feeds and news aggregators.

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