Liking the Yonex Voltric 5FX

Looking to upgrade an all around badminton racquet, I picked up the new Yonex Voltric 5FX. Under $100 at Amazon, this racquet is head heavy (as is the Voltric line), but the overall weight is light. I’ve used the 5FX a few times, and I can tell there’s more snap and pop in my swing. But I now have to adjust the feel of my drop shot since it’s gotten slower and doesn’t dive like before. But other than that adjustment, playing with the 5FX has been more fun.

What really may be the difference is the grip size. I went down to a G5 from a G3. While the G5 grip size does feel too small, there’s increased handling and control compared to the G3 which is probably even bigger with a new grip and overgrip.

I’m not completely won over by the dominantly white racquet. It ain’t bad, but I have a feeling the white will lose its “freshness” after wear and tear. But for now, this racquet is definitely a step up.