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Hit Up Safeway for Your Lane Necessities

We hit up Safeway this morning for last minute necessities. Still had water Who knew peaches were a hurricane staple? Besides the peaches will go bad so how about food that will last longer? Like these cotton candy Twinkies? Or these Cookie Monster cookies? If water is not your thing, there’s always wine in a […]

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Lucerne Lactose Free Milk Tastes “Cow Like”

Recently the Lucerne milk line at Safeway changed cartons, going with a different look. Or did the entire carton itself change? Different milk drinkers say the milk from this new carton tastes “cow like.” There’s a bovine quality to the milk that’s not welcomed. Maybe meant to mimic “farm fresh,” but the city dwellers and […]

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Emptying out shelves

Kailua Safeway Progress

One scant week ago, I noticed the main Safeway in Kailua was getting remodeled. A few days later, there’s been some progress but more prep work done. Older shelving is being cleared for removal and some newer shelving are starting to show up. More of the new flooring is installed. There are more temporary, popup […]

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New flooring up close

Kailua Safeway Gettin’ Lifestyled

Finally. With the impending arrival of neighboring Target, the main Safeway location in Kailua is getting a much needed facelift. I’m not sure if it’s getting the whole “lifestyle” treatment as I describe the Kaneohe and Hawaii Kai renovations from years back or just cosmetic changes. From the looks of the amount of incoming hardware, […]

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Dou’ssants Are Pretty Darn Delicious

Let’s start with some basic admissions. I’ll probably never try an authentic cronut from Chef Dominique Ansel. There’s an unspoken hierarchy of bakeries and the sophistication level of their pastries. Safeway (and Vons) is not in the upper tier of this bakery hierarchy. With that out of the way, what would you expect when you […]

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Spotted at Safeway

A little old by now, but some items of interest spotted at Safeway. You know you want to sample the Flamin’ Hot Funyuns no matter the burnage that’ll ensue. Pucker up! Who doesn’t love the sophisticated cookies? After you outgrow Oreos, Pepperidge Farms will be waiting. Remember the days of seeing Hickory Farms “pop up” […]

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Seen at the Grocery

Highlighting some of the new stuff I saw at our local Safeway. Ben and Jerry’s has a new limited ice cream flavor, Key Lime Pie. I love me some key lime, and this frozen treat does taste like key lime. Mellow key lime anyways, not a mouth-puckering, eye-squinting, sour-on-the-tastebuds key lime. International Delight is changing […]

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Adventures in Hawaii Kai

Adventures in Hawaii Kai

Got some catching up to do… Last week, went to the East side for dim sum and happened to catch the grand opening of Beard Papa’s, the maker of fresh ‘n natural cream puffs, located in the Koko Marina Foodland. The short line took forever to move. We ordered 6 puffs and were in line […]

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Lifestylin’ with Safeway and Jordan

“Lifestyle” themes appear to be the latest trend in marketing. Safeway is renovating its stores with its Lifestyle look with the Hawaii Kai branch being the first in Hawaii. I guess with the Safeway Lifestyle remodeling comes the chocolatey fruity goodness of Coffeemate’s Chocolate Raspberry creamer. Went to the old school Safeways in Aiea and […]

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