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Nordstrom Ala Moana Moving

Wow, didn’t see this coming. Nordstrom in Ala Moana is not just renovating their six-year old store, they’re moving the entire location to the new expansion formerly occupied by Sears. Yes, Bloomingdales will still be there as well, but now so will Nordstroms. I have to re-evaluate my coffee strategy with the migration of Nordie’s […]

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Gilly Hicks Ala Moana Closing

The unthinkable is approaching in 2014. Gilly Hicks is closing its doors, and not just the Ala Moana location, but all its stores. While the GH line of intimates will live on virtually, the physical stores will be extinct. It was a short run for Gilly Hicks in Hawaii with a dramatic opening in 2012. […]

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Starbucks Drive Thru Open 24 Hours

Your Pre and Post Black Friday Spot

Black Friday shopping craziness is at an all time high with stores opening before Black Friday. But just know this. Before, after, or even both, this 24-hour Starbucks drive thru in Kaneohe is your Black Friday ally. You know you’ll need that coffee to get in gear or to stay in gear to push through […]

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Microsoft is coming

Ala Moana Unveilings

In the upcoming weeks, there’ll be some “unveilings” done at Ala Moana. Of course, there’s the grand opening of the new Microsoft Store on Thursday, June 13, 2013. Following the store’s launch is their exclusive concert featuring Macklemore & Ryan Lewis + Neon Trees (at Kakaako however). The following week on June 19, this mysterious […]

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Where Titans Once Stood

It’s somewhat saddening to see these locations vacated and boarded up. Both stores were long time tenants at their respective shopping malls, Sears at Ala Moana and Cinnabon at Kahala Mall. Now, both are mere shells of these ancient titans.

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Kipling tag

Won a Tote Bag at Kipling Grand Opening

Trendy bag maker, Kipling, has come to Hawaii with its grand opening at Ala Moana. For a limited time, you can win various prizes by participating in in-store games and giveaways. Guess who won something? Purely by luck, we beat the odds and won this Kipling tote. Stop by the new store and test your […]

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A $10 vs $60 umbrella

At the Coach Outlet

I think I’ve only been inside the Coach Outlet at Waikele once or twice since they’ve been in business, so I didn’t know what to expect. I found some interesting things. Overall, I was flabbergasted by the prices. I expected expensive handbags and wallets but was blown away by the cost of the accessories. How […]

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At Ala Moana Again

One more week closer to Christmas means one more shopping session at Ala Moana. This time, we went early to capitalize on Macy’s sale and early opening. The crowds are tolerable at 8am (that’s one hour after Macy’s opened), but the parking cones in the structure were blocking the stalls nearest Macy’s for some reason. […]

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These mannequins are real

Seen at Ala Moana

With Christmas approaching quickly, we’ve been spending more time at Ala Moana. Surprisingly, things are changing just as fast at the mall as I’ve noticed new things each time.  Here are some shots. I’m sure I’ll be heading to Ala Moana one, maybe two more times before the big day so I’ll see what else […]

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Sorry for the crooked picture

Name These Stores

Can you identify these stores by the billboards in their entryways? The first one is easy to find with the #sochill So Cal taglines. Lesson learned from Store #1, in your next photo session, all you Bettys be sure to lift up your dude’s shirt just because. And honestly, I don’t remember what Store #2 […]

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What color is this?

Gilly Hicks Toned It Down

Maybe only because it was early on a Sunday morning did it seem like Gilly Hicks (Ala Moana) was toned down. There were no models greeting us at the doorway (nor did I find @abaggy). All the youthful employees were quietly busy folding and refolding clothes. Overall everything seemed more muted. There was still that […]

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