My SmartThings Experiment Is Done

I was an early adopter of SmartThings from its Kickstarter days, but my forray into SmartThings is done. My Gen 1 base unit still works but pretty much every accessory I own has stopped behaving. One motion sensor stopped responding a long time ago and the second sensor had been working then stopped. My on-off switch was reliable until one of the countless updates made it unreliable. Sometimes it would work according to my programmed schedule, often times it didn’t.

With all the UI changes in the app, I had a hard time figuring out where everything went. How do I stop the blinking light on the on-off switch? I had found it a long ways back but since an update, I can’t find the setting anymore.

During the days, I would get a notification that my base unit was offline, and I’m not sure why. Was my home Internet down? Who knows, but with all this aggravation and minimal benefit, it was just easier to unplug all the SmartThings and say good bye.