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A Day of Working to Work

Sadly, today was a day of working in order to get work done. Instead of doing productive work, I had to do work that would eventually enable productive work. I completed a few mandatory online training sessions, and I filled out several justifications why I needed “non-standard” apps. Why do I need Pixelmator instead of […]

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That’s Not Winning

Well, that was unexpected. At work, I came across a list of recent award recipients and posted the list of names on our company’s SharePoint-based intranet (like I typically do). The reaction to this list of winners though was not expected. Instead of an overall congratulatory spirit for the winners, there were questions about the visibility […]

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Classic iPod

Confidence Is…

Since @abaggy is temporarily out of the loop, there’s no one to mancrush on. So instead, I’m turning my attention to someone else I’ll call Q-chi. What’s so great about Q-chi? It’s his confidence. He’s so confident that he leaves his classic iPod on his desk in plain sight even when he’s not around. This […]

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Gotta Love My Coworkers

What a day at work today. The highlight had to have been a trail of email that went nowhere. You know that cliche on how Americans talk to non-English speaking foreigners? Speak loudly and slowly, and the English language miraculously becomes universally understood. Yeah, the email trail was virtually like that. I got a denied […]

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Disenchanting Day at Work

Just a down day at work. Disenchanted with some things. The definition of insanity comes to mind. We do things the same way and expect results to be different. If we don’t like the results or environment we’re currently in then why do we do the same things?

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What to Do, What to Do?

Got to follow up some leads about possible new “projects” to join. The biggest decision is whether to stay “home-based” or go back out working at customer sites. Just not sure what to do, but I can’t forget the reason why I came back to the office, to help our organization improve.

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Fighting the Wrong Fight

Don’t you hate wasting time? At work, we’ve gotten caught up in fighting a fight that’s really the wrong fight. Whatever we do isn’t right because in reality, we’re not fighting the right fight. But at the same time, those picking the fight aren’t telling all involved what the right fight is, you follow? Only […]

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Great Article on Implementing Web 2.0 in Your Organization

Wow, read a great and very pertinent article, “A Practical Guide to Implementing Web 2.0 (aka Social Networking Tools) in Your Organization” which hits very close to home. I’ve been experimenting and pushing the use of social networking tools at work and see lots of what is described in the article. And after attending a […]

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Comfy Brown Shirt Day

A Friday before a long weekend calls for the comfy brown shirt at work. I’ve had this Hilfiger collared shirt for some time now, and it’s like my comfort wardrobe for work. No one’s around anyways…

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Rousing the Rabble

Har, doing some rabble-rousing at work with our internal blog! Talking about salaries and ceilings is sure to incite people. It ain’t me. I gotta straighten that out. Blog comments are directed at me, the messenger of the information. I don’t create the guidance, I just pass along the info.

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