Fatbergs, I Would Like to See One


I had never heard of a fatberg before reading this Yahoo article. But now that I know fatbergs exist, I want to see one, if only for scatological reasons. Fatbergs are composed largely of cooking oil that has been poured down drains while hot and runny. Once in the cold water of the sewer system, […]

Reordering White Popcorn

Reordering White Popcorn

It’s time to reorder white popcorn, a healthy whole grain snack, according to Bob’s Red Mill Corn Popcorn. I never really thought about it, but it seemed like all popcorn was white (when not drenched in butter). But seeing how there’s different varieties of corn, it stands to reason that there’s different popcorn. Anyways, place […]

Another Air Jordan 3 Hybrid

Nike Zoom Vapor AJ3

And another hot seller for Nike. Seemingly any (tastefully done) crossover with the iconic Air Jordan 3 is an instant success with the latest being the Nike Zoom Vapor AJ3. Take the design from the AJ3, apply to the silhouette of the Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour, make a limited quantity available at Nike Labs, and […]

Starbucks Aina Haina Get Ka`u


With only 600 bags available for online purchase, the limited Starbucks Reserve Hawaii Ka’u has since sold out. But the Ka`u is making an appearance at the new Aina Haina Starbucks. This location is evidently going to be the premiere Starbucks on Oahu with this rare coffee available in-store along with the (non-functioning) Clover brewing system. […]

*At Participating Locations Only


So I was watching the @therealpsl Twitter account as it counted down to an early release of the seasonal Pumpkin Spiced Latte (PSL). @therealpsl would drop hints to unlock a puzzle at its Tumblr site. Today, all the clues were available. Figure out the answer, and you’ll unlock a free PSL drink as one of […]

These Are Juicies+

Juicies+ connector is bigger

About two weeks ago, my Kickstarter-backed Juicies+ cable arrived after a few delays in production. I went with the gold to change up the collection of white and black cables, and yes, the gold is nice, not gaudy. Some things to note about Juicies+. It’s bigger than the Apple Lightning cable. The Juicies+ is longer, […]