From Eco-i-lite to Ivation

I can no longer find this rechargeable flashlight/nightlight combo at Costco anymore. The Costco ones were Eco-i-lite branded, but now they’re sold as Ivation on Amazon. Over the years, I’ve owned two sets of these lights. The original set was a goldish color, and the second set was silver. Now they’re white. Well, that’s a […]

Must Be a Sign

This has got to be a sign. Not sure of what though. Is SkyNet active? Is artificial intelligence at play? Is it my subconscious speaking to me? Or is it just a plain mistake that Amazon delivered a box of parts for a Dromida UAV drone? No, we didn’t order the parts. The shipping label […]

What Does Origami from Starbucks Look Like?


Of course origami from Starbucks is not going to be your typical folding paper. Instead, origami from Starbucks looks like this. Starbucks Origami is a personal drip, single serve coffee in a foldout packet. Assemble the packet above a cup, pour in hot water, and get fresh brewed coffee. Convenient, fast, easy cleanup, kinda fun, […]

Make Linkmoji!


Emoji is not just to sway NBA free agents or to remind everyone that you’re the Greatest of All Time. You can now emoji-fy links using linkmoji. Like this is in emoji form. http://????????.ws/????????????????????????????? Unfortunately pasting the linkmoji into a blog post doesn’t work. The above link should look like this.