Costco Calories

Never really noticed this in the past, but have ever tried to eat healthy at the Costco food court? While you can’t beat the cost of the hot dog/soda combo, it can’t be that good for your body. Pizza, sandwiches, sundaes – all no so healthy.  Of course, the Caesar salad is the answer. Nothing […]

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Daisy Chaining DisplayPort Displays

Bye VGA, bye DVI. Got Dell UltraSharp U2515H displays that only have HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. But there’s this “weird” DisplayPort that wasn’t working for me…until I learned that it’s an ouput for DisplayPort, not an input. But why would a monitor need an output port? So you can daisy chain them. Yup, I learned […]

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Pokemon Go Bans Are Real

So you probably heard that Pokemon Go creator, Niantic Labs, is banning users from the popular game if they suspect you for violating the game terms. In other words, you’re cheating at the game. Commonly, this cheating takes the form of using an app or service that divulges the location of Pokemon. Instead of you […]

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That’s Not Winning

Well, that was unexpected. At work, I came across a list of recent award recipients and posted the list of names on our company’s SharePoint-based intranet (like I typically do). The reaction to this list of winners though was not expected. Instead of an overall congratulatory spirit for the winners, there were questions about the visibility […]

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Great Customer Support, Nike!

Wow, I was hopeful but uncertain. But sure enough, Nike pulled through with great customer service and support, approving my return of my Air Max Lunar1. Although two years old and technically right outside the defective products period, I had nothing to lose by trying a return. purchases: Flawed shoes, apparel and gear can be […]

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Black Sugar Manapua from Libby

Never Seen a Black Sugar Manapua?!?

This took me completely by surprise. Today, as I was walking around the office while eating a black sugar manapua, I had two coworkers stop me and ask what that was. They only knew of the regular pork-filled manapua aka char siu bao and had never seen the black sugar variety. What’s so surprising is […]

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Discounted Aloha

I don’t know why local clothing designer Sig Zane has his items available on, and I don’t really care. I guess Sig has collaborations with Hurley that is affiliated with Nike. While I love the designs, I wasn’t about to pay full price for the goods. Luckily, now that summer is coming to a close, this […]

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The End Is Near!

The signs of the apocalypse are mounting. This past week, the stalwart escalators of Ala Moana, the “flat” ones near Macys, actually broke down. These were seemingly the most reliable set of escalators in the entire mall. I’ve even seen the newer ones near Nordstrom being repaired, but those flat ones just kept on running. […]

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The Curb Now in Kailua

Wow, the shakeup of small businesses in Kailua just doesn’t stop. Sadly, Island Yogurt is leaving the Windward neighborhood, but Bee & Tea from Chicago opened their first Hawaii store on the same Hekili Street. Also opening on Hekili is The Curb that’s “keeping it fresh, hot, and cool with intentional coffee.” Now I don’t quite understand […]

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Bee & Tea Beckons the Age of Milk Tea in Kailua

So the Age of Froyo is done after a seven-year war. Following froyo is the Age of Milk Tea. Already popular in town, Kailua joins this era with the introduction of Bee & Tea. I won’t go into the store’s background and menu since you can read great coverage here and here. Only open one […]

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