Look Out Below!!


File this one under abunai. While at the Super Pool of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, there was a crack of glass as a beer bottle fell from the overhead tower. Not sure how high up the bottle fell from, but it did make contact with a guest, causing a gash on the back of his […]

No Zippys in Kailua in the New Year

The new year of 2015 in Kailua will be one without Zippys. This local staple is temporarily closing its doors for renovations for 6 months starting after the holidays. So if you got some benefit chili tickets, be sure to redeem them soon otherwise you have to go elsewhere for your pickup. Maybe President Obama […]

So Close to the Legend

So close yet so far away… that’s me and the upcoming release of the Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue.” The conditions were there, meaning I entered so I could win, and today felt like a winning day. Checking the Ala Moana web site for the Foot Locker raffle, my ticket was just shy of a […]

Waimanalo Christmas Parade 2014

I’ll let you in on a little holiday secret. For all the Christmas parades that happen around Oahu, the Waimanalo Christmas parade is probably the most authentic and unique event of them all. It’s definitely not the biggest or flashiest nor are there local celebrities (except for an unexpected visit by Nainoa Thompson) walking the […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Next Keyboard


I’ll be honest. This gift is actually for myself and won’t be available until February 2015. But when you tout your product as the “perfect keyboard for the iPhone,” the wait is worthwhile for the Next Keyboard. Slide on the space bar to move the cursor? Genius. My personal favorite, no confusing shift keys. Swipe […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: 10TB Drives

Forget hard disks that can store 8 terabytes of data. That’s so two weeks ago! Your digital packrat deserves two more terabytes like these new Western Digital 10TB, Ultrastar He10, drives. Yes, these drives are filled with helium that provide less resistance than oxygen and data is recorded on tracks shingled analogous to roof shingles. […]