Starbucks Cascara Latte Is Nuanced

A little late, but I tried the new Starbucks Cascara Latte which contains the fruit of the coffee cherry. Umm, yeah, it’s okay but only slightly, in a subtle, nuanced way. The cascara doesn’t alter the flavor profile of the espresso base, more like heightens (or deepens) the natural flavor. I’ll pass on this drink […]

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My New MacBook Pro

At work, I was fortunate enough to order the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and accessories in November. After a prolonged ordering process, my (third party) order finally went through. After not hearing any more after a few days, I contacted the company that replied with a tracking number. Albeit a slow delivery of […]

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Defining a Norovirus Outbreak

According to the CDC, an outbreak of the Norovirus is defined as: An outbreak of norovirus is defined as an occurrence of two or more similar illnesses resulting from a common exposure that is either suspected or laboratory-confirmed to be caused by norovirus. So when more than half of those attending a party gets stricken […]

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Snapchat Spectacles in Hawaii

When I first learned of the Spectacles dispensing machine making random appearances in California, I doubted it would ever come to Hawaii. No way a @Spectacles vending machine makes it to Hawaii — Gee Why (@geewhy) November 13, 2016 On the last day of 2016, I admit that I was wrong. Witness the Aloha Tower […]

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My Next Shoe Venture – Allbirds

The world’s most comfortable shoe? I’m there… or at least, I plan to give Allbirds a try. Only available in one model, the Wool Runner, I’d like to make my own assessment of their comfort level, especially with the 30-day return policy, but the colorway has to be right. The black and grey colorways are […]

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Kailua Cinemas Good Enough

The movie theaters in Kailua continue its renovation as Kailua Cinemas. Over the years, these theaters have changed names, most recently known as Water Garden that showed older movies at reduced prices. But the phase has begun with Kailua Cinemas featuring luxury reclining seats. While the theater is open for business, the remodeling is still […]

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Starbucks Cheer Parties and Free Drinks

Starbucks is hosting Cheer Parties at designated locations across America. Starting on December 23 and ending on January 2, 2017, visitors can get free (tall) drinks and discounts on items by visiting a cafe hosting a Cheer Party. Which cafes are hosting? You need to check daily on the site then go there between 1 […]

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The Starbucks Tuxedo Mocha Is a Delicious Hot Mess

As I thought, Starbucks’ new Tuxedo drink lineup sounds better than they appear. In promotions, these drinks look absolutely fabulous juxtaposing the two-tone white/dark chocolate combination. But in practice, when barristas are cranking out drinks, the luxurious look of the Tuxedo drinks is a nice-to-have afterthought. The drink does taste great however. The depth and […]

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