Bravo Hawaiian Air, Bravo

Airline safety videos have become recent hit sensations, and I think Hawaiian Air did an excellent job with their recent video. While it may not have the Hollywood production glamor, the scenery of Hawaii is fantastic. The use of hula to demonstrate the emergency exits is very akamai. Bravo Hawaiian Air, bravo!

The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made?


The greatest ever made? A hoodie? Is there even a need for such a title? I guess so since Slate bestowed that honor to the hoodie made by American Giant in 2012. These hoodies got so popular you had to wait months for an order, and now I’m intrigued by this hoodie, and so are […]

Starbucks Cookie Straws for Free!


Did you manage to get an entire tin of the Starbucks Frappuccino Cookie Straws for free? That’s 28 straws normally priced at $9.95 all for “free” by redeeming one of your Starbucks Rewards. Yup, normally used for drinks or food items, you can trade in a star reward for an entire set of cookie straws. […]

I Want Me Some 8 TB of Love

I Want Me Some 8 TB of Love

With the gigs of stuff saved over the years turning into terabytes of stuff, I need more storage. I need, nay want some 8 terabytes of love in the form of a Seagate Backup Plus 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive. Price prohibitive at nearly $300, this drive squashes the previous spinning disk capacities of 4 […]