Windows 10 VM Finally Under Control

I hope. That was an ordeal. Not exactly sure why, but my Windows 10 virtual machine in Parallels went crazy one day, slowing to a glacial crawl. I thought it was actually not functioning, but really, it was operating, really, really, really slowly. I thought I did something to Windows so I tried migrating back […]

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Fighting with macOS Optimized Storage

I’ve been fighting with the new macOS Optimized Storage feature today. I accidentally enabled this feature while trying to free up space on my drive. Optimized Storage does make it easy to see what’s taking up all the space and then free up that space. But then you end up with this Purgeable space that […]

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The Best Halloween “Costume”

While it’s not yet October 31, 2016, I’m calling this the best “costume” of this Halloween season. Yup, that’s a humongous roach on the side of the house. But, no worry! There’s a big can of Raid waiting…

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Costco Hawaii Kai Get Mad Kicks

Well, the workers there anyways. But yes, if you’re ever at the Costco location in Hawaii Kai, check out the kicks of the workers, especially those working at checkout. For the most part, the workers, both men and women, are wearing nice shoes. On a recent outing, I saw these Adidas Ultra Boosts and NMDs. […]

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Amazon Music, I Don’t Get It

Obviously I have research to do about Amazon’s new music service, but I don’t get it. The service is a competitor to Spotify and Apple Music. But it’s different than the music available from the Amazon Prime subscription. And although I already pay for Amazon Prime, this doesn’t give me access to my this separate […]

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I Suffer from Tsundoku

I kinda suspected there was a term for my condition, and I now know its name. I suffer from tsundoku which is defined thusly: The acquiring of reading materials followed by letting them pile up and subsequently never reading them. Yes, I have a collection of books that maybe, just maybe, I cracked the spine on. […]

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Went with the Caseology Vault for My iPhone 7

While there was a surprising number of cases available for the iPhone 7 at its launch, I was drawn to Caseology’s Vault case with its carbon fiber styling. At roughly $10, the case doesn’t actually have carbon fiber in it, just a facade that mimics the look of carbon fiber. Hey, it works for me! […]

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Asked to Leave… Again

It’s been a few years since I was asked to leave a store, but it finally happened again. Well, to be clear, I wasn’t directly asked to leave the store, but I could not have my drink in the store, so I took it as an indirect request to leave the store. And I did, […]

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Ala Moana Parking Stall Counter

Recently, I noticed that Ala Moana now indicates how many open parking stalls are in the various parking areas. As you go up the Keeaumoku entrance ramp, you’ll see the big board counting all the open spaces (sorry, I don’t have a pic). I had seen this on the mainland but never in Hawaii. I wondered […]

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Old Airport Express, New Problem

Maybe it was fun while it lasted, but my revitalized AirPort Express, the 802.11g version, isn’t showing up as an AirPlay device anymore. It was there the other day, but today I can’t see it to stream music through. This geeky  experiment could be over. Oh wait… powering down then restarting the Airport Express seems […]

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iPhone 7 Migration: Notifications

Another oddity about moving to a new iPhone. Some notifications make the move while other don’t, and I don’t know why. Came home to see that an Amazon shipment scheduled for Wednesday had already arrived today, but I wasn’t notified on my iPhone. Well, I was…on my iPhone 6. It had all the Amazon notifications […]

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