200 pairs of kicks showcasing Nike’s genealogy of innovation. Yes please.

Nike Genealogy of Innovation from Golden Wolf on Vimeo.

So many memories popped in my head seeing all these kicks over the years. Thanks @yoda808!

Is this the worst Starbucks in America? So thinks Fast Company. It definitely has an odd vibe atypical of Starbucks.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any terrible Oahu locations… or maybe I can…

Got Some VH07V

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The recent Made in Hawaii Festival pretty much wiped out the stock of VH07V gear.


Fortunately for me, the family was at the festival and managed to snag a few of the high demand clothing. I think I may have gotten the last of the new “fade” design which was pulled off the mannequin.

New "Fade" design

New “Fade” design

The printed bag was a nice touch too!

Nice bag

Nice bag

The day after the VH07V purchase, the extended family went box car racing and repped the VH07V love. I gotta get that dark navy blue design with the neon orange lettering!

Box car racing with VH07V

Box car racing with VH07V

Somewhere along the way, the seasonal Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte became a cult caffeine hit. Last year, the PSL celebrated its 10th anniversary giving it reason for an extended stay on the menu. The year before, in 2012, Starbucks held a contest to determine which city would receive the PSL first.

Now, there’s no need for an excuse. The PSL is coming out next week, in late-ish August. Of course, I will get one (or more).

Or you could always enjoy some pumpkin spice at home by purchasing this fall elixir from Starbucks online store.

Pumpkin Spice is back! Fall flavors arrive early online at Starbucks Store. Valid 8/19 – 9/1/2014.

Must be professional courtesy otherwise why hasn’t Gregg Hammer imitated the excellent traffic reporter, Danielle Tucker? Just listen to this combination of Gregg mimicking Danielle letting loose her personal commentary about the traffic situations.

On a random stop at Ross, I came across these Nike shoe/boots. Looking at the bar code, I learned these are the Nike SFB Trainer (#344929-090). The khaki version can be found at Nike.com, but this black version is cool, especially at $35. Only big sizes available though.

Nike SFB Trainer Boot

Nike SFB Trainer Boot

Here’s Nike’s description (in case of dead links).


Updated My Radio Lineup

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The dream has died, and so went Island 98.5 from my car radio preset lineup. The dream? The reunion of the OG Wake-Up Crew with Rory and Gregg Hammer (and Krey-Z). I’ve fully accepted this will not come to pass.

Another impetus for this change is the emergence of ALT105.9. The new KPOI plays modern alternative music instead of classic rock. After a short listen, I was hooked. Hit after hit played with nary a pause. I don’t know if this is the longer term format sans deejays but for now the music has me hooked.

Alt 105.9

Alt 105.9

Back to Gregg Hammer and Hammertime on KRTR 96.3. Gregg, Davey, and Shawnee have their groove going. The team has definitely worked on their show and have polished out the rough edges. It’s no longer a one man show like I originally felt, and the format isn’t so formulated as before. Gregg is given his moments of genius within the framework of the overall show and spots. A slew of local characters now make a daily appearance from Aunty’s Storytime to interruptions from Bubbles. Davey does a much better job setting up Gregg and his impersonations. Then there’s Shawnee offsetting the goofiness of the dudes and bringing a practical viewpoint to the show, but you gotta love Gregg’s impersonations of Shawnee’s ethnic and cultural backgrounds. OMG!

Let me tell you don’t underestimate the traffic report from Danielle Tucker. Simply the best on the morning drive. Descriptive with enough personality mixed in, and she tweets with those stuck in traffic. Traffic on the Five is it and so much more.

So where am I going with all of this? Hammertime on 96.3 continues to flourish, I’m liking the tunes on Alt 105.9, so the odd station out is Island 98.5.

Consider the Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Washer, 14.5-Amp from Amazon. It’s a bestseller with a 4.5 rating out of 221 reviews.

Free Amazon Super Saver Shipping to boot!

And if you need a quick disconnect, just say DRAMM as in the Dramm 22729 Heavy-Duty Quick Disconnect Brass.

Tivo Roamio Upgraded

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Tivo Roamio

Tivo Roamio

With my Tivo HD unit (circa 2008) showing the “black screen of death” more and more often, it was time to act and get a new Roamio. While the name is a little peculiar, this device is no joke. The strength of the Roamio is the remote viewing of recorded content included on the Plus and Pro models, but I kept it simple and went with the basic Roamio. I figured I could always expand the basic version with the add-on hardware if needed but for the most part, I don’t foresee myself remote viewing recorded content.

Instead I used the difference in costs between the basic and Plus models to buy a larger hard drive. The basic comes with a 500 GB drive that can record up to 500 hours. I got a highly rated WD Red 2 TB drive to replace the stock drive. I was thinking of getting the AV-tuned, Green line of WD drives, but the cost was more, and Amazon reviews said the Red line works just as well in a Tivo. Again because of costs, I didn’t go all the way with a 4 TB drive. As is, this 500 GB to 2 TB increase quadruples recording time which is good enough for my recording habits.

WD Red drive

WD Red drive

Anyways, upgrading the internal drive in the Roamio is very easy now. No special software utilities needed. Just swap out the physical hardware, and the Tivo firmware takes care of the rest upon startup. For more details about the hard drive upgrade, check out this Tivo Community thread.

Getting the side clips unclasped was the hardest part of the upgrade in my opinion. Unmounting the original drive just takes time and patience to remove the screens and mounting brackets.

500 GB drive out, 2 TB drive in

500 GB drive out, 2 TB drive in

If you’re installing a CableCard (multi-stream only), look on the underside of the Roamio for the CableCard slot.

After putting the Tivo back together and hooking it up, the Roamio initializes the new drive and doesn’t skip a beat.

Upgraded Roamio booting up

Upgraded Roamio booting up

What can I say? The Roamio is way faster than the Tivo HD. The interface is better but sometimes the old school, low resolution screens show up. The peanut shaped remote is smaller with some different button placement but is more responsive relying on RF signals rather than strictly line of sight IR.

I connected the Roamio to my Tivo HD to transfer existing recorded shows. For speed, I connected the two units with an Ethernet cable (straight through, not a crossover). The Roamio saw the HD unit whereupon I could transfer its content to the Roamio. After several hours, this process was done (truthfully I thought this would take much longer).

So far so good with the Roamio although I went through the settings to stop the auto-recording of suggested content. At times, I noticed the red light was illuminated indicating shows were recording. I didn’t have any applicable Season Passes scheduled so I wondered what was going on. After disabling this auto-record feature, the red light no longer goes on randomly.

Definitely a worthwhile investment for sure.

Here are more pictures of my Tivo Roamio drive upgrade.

Life on Oahu returned to a state of normalcy as Iselle and Julio subsided. Case in point, the Sam’s Club Gas Station that was slammed last week. This is how it typically looks on weekday mornings. Yes, normalcy has returned.

Sam's Club Gas in the morning

Sam’s Club Gas in the morning

For real life reports about the conditions in the Puna area of the Big Island, be sure to check out Damon Tucker’s updates.

How was your angst-filled weekend with Hurricanes Iselle and Julio headed for Hawaii? Hopefully, all went well for you and your family. Some places were hit hard while in other places, it was more or less typical Hawaii weather. Thanks to the advance weather forecasting, the entire state was aware of the two storms and took preparatory precautions. That’s when things got real, and the fun began.

Stocking up of staples like non-perishable food and water (and of course, toilet paper) began early in the week, starting on Monday. Stores quickly ran out of bottled water while other items like instant ramen held strong.

Ramen on sale

Ramen on sale

Bottled water shortages were so severe, I briefly considered vending machines but realized better and filled up containers with good old Hawaiian naturally filtered water.

As the week went on and Iselle held course for the Big Island, schools and business started shutting down for safety reasons. I left work, telling our mascot Mele about the incoming inclemencies.


Be safe, Mele


Old school jams

Of course with anxiety slowly building, I needed a hit to calm down so I had to stop by Starbucks for a drink and maybe some old school tunes. Instead, I bypassed the tunes and got donuts instead.

On Friday, Iselle’s effects were supposed to hit Oahu. Again, some places encountered extreme weather, but luckily, this was our view for the day. Some showers, a few gusts, and mostly grey clouds.

Cloudy with a chance of Iselle

Cloudy with a chance of Iselle

That night we had a family dinner and watched movies where I learned firsthand of the appalling audio of newer flat panel televisions. With its skinny profile, there’s just no space for speakers, so oftentimes, the speakers are rearward or downward facing. This makes audio very difficult to hear and cranking up the volume to 100 is just a no go. This resulted in a Saturday morning trip to Costco for supplies and a sound bar after a breakfast of a pancake made in a rice cooker.

Pancake in a rice cooker (had to cook it twice)

Pancake in a rice cooker (had to cook it twice)

Luckily, Costco has the well reviewed Vizio S4251W-B4 on special with a discount. Yeah, it’s kinda big and yeah, we really don’t need the rear satellite speakers, but this set is just too well reviewed to get Costco’s other soundbar offerings. Our Costco bill was a little ominous though.

Ominous Costco bill

Ominous Costco bill


Poke outage

Oh, and who knew Iselle and Julio’s impact would affect the poke supply at Costco?! The rest of Saturday night was spent at another family dinner, more food, hooking up the Vizio soundbar, and taking in David Ige’s win over Neil Abercrombie. As surprising as that was, the real turbulence was the Hanabusa and Schatz race which ended up essentially even with parts of the Big Island needing to cast its vote after Iselle shut down polling places. This political storm still rages on.

With Julio weakening and taking a northern turn, Sunday was back to normal which in this case turned into an out-of-character hike up Diamond Head. The weather and views were Hawaiian perfection.

Looking for Hurricane Julio

Looking for Hurricane Julio

Then came a few hours at the re-opened Ala Moana Center. Seems like these tanned Hello Kitty dolls at Sanrio are quite popular.

And since when did Starbucks Hawaii locations sell bags?

Starbucks Hawaii sells bags?

Starbucks Hawaii sells bags?

And to top off the crazy weekend is a supermoon! How was your weekend with Iselle and Julio?

It turned out that I only window shopped the Air Max 1 Breathe, returning them after not liking the fit. Then as luck would have it, Nike restocked the AM1 variation called the Lunar1. Think Air Max 1 updated with Lunarlon foam around the Air Max bubble. Now we’re talking – classic look with modern tech. Take a better look…

Air Max Lunar1 "Photo Blue"

Air Max Lunar1 “Photo Blue”

Instead of the hard feel of the OG AM1 sole, the Lunarlon has a mushier ride but not overly spongy. The taped seams are there along with the improved laces. Not sure what the laces are made of, but I like them. The speckled sole and the yellow accents add enough design, but the photo blue color is the main attraction. Fortunately for my foot, reviews of the Lunar1 complain that sizing is off. Reviewers say to order a half size smaller saying these run bigger. But since the AM1 Breathe was snug for me, the extra space of the Lunar1 is welcomed.

Cross the Air Max 1 off my kicks want list. :)