Signs of Hawaii: Private Property


See that little placard on the ground? It’s repeatedly placed every ten feet or so in the Ward area. What’s it say? Private property Permission to use Revocable At any time I’m guessing that line on the ground separates the public sidewalk from the private property. So you can hang out behind the line (and […]

More Starbucks Clovers in Hawaii

Clovers as of 10/15/14

Whoa now, what’s this? Starbucks is expanding their locations featuring the Clover brewing system. Originally, this specialty brewer was only available at the new-ish Aina Haina location. But yes, though it’s there, the Clover is “out of commission” awaiting personnel training. So I’ve heard that training is indeed underway with a target date of October […]



According to Kicks HI in collaboration with NMLS World, Chee! means: The state of being stimulated, refreshed, or elated. An exclamation of excitement that really has no real meaning said down here in Hawai’i. If you know, you know. And I’ll take their word for it, especially with awesomely designed duds emblazoned with Chee! Everyone […]

Matching Kicks and Clothes

Adidas ZX Flux Mythology

Don’t get me wrong. I actually do like these Adidas ZX Flux “Mythology” in subtle black and white. But you might as well go over the top and match these kicks with this gaudy shirt I found at Ross (and it’s on sale!!). Go godly or go home! Loading A steal at $9.99 View on […]

Pull-a-Part Twice a Year?


I can’t confirm this, but according to a Costco employee, they only make these Cinnamon Pull-a-Parts twice a year. Now and some other time she couldn’t remember. So I would be a little skeptical about this twice-a-year availability. But what you do have to know is that these are yummy. Soft and not too sweet […]

Scream Machines at Bishop Museum


Bishop Museum’s latest attraction is Scream Machines, the Science of Roller Coasters. Typically, these exhibits are somewhat static even though they’re touted as interactive, but I must say there’s fun stuff to do at Scream Machines. At the entry way, you can watch a model car zoom through a fictitious mini roller coaster. If it […]

Selenelion, Syzygy, Celestial Geometry on Wednesday

Blood Moon

Are you ready for the total eclipse of the moon along with the rising sun? This so-called selenelion is supposedly impossible according to celestial geometry. But nope, this syzygy where the sun and the moon are perfectly aligned 180-degrees apart is happening. When all of this is happening, I have no clue – Tuesday night/Wednesday […]