The $150 Gas Cap


Whenever your car’s check engine light goes on, you never know what to expect. It could be bad, incurring a high repair cost. So when my aging Toyota’s light went on, I braced for the worst. Diagnostics said there was a leak in the emissions/fuel system. After troubleshooting and testing, the problem ended up being […]

Alternate Uses of a Fan


Credit drivers of the ultimate driving machine for their smart, alternate use of fans. Sure fans are there to move air past its holder for cooling purposes, or you can also use fans to provide shade from the glaring sun. Is this any safer than using a mobile phone while driving?

More Viable Than a Star Dash


While Starbucks’ most recent Star Dash is targeted for the addicted, a better, more viable alternative is this promotion for Rewards members. That’s 4 bonus stars with the purchase of one espresso beverage like the new Flat White. So with one drink, you’ll earn 5 stars (one for the purchase and four bonus). Although this […]

Car Fire on Lehua


Did you hear about the car fire this morning on Lehua in the Pearl City area? Thanks to his dedication to work, @locke02000 was already in the area when the car went up in flames and the fire crew arrives on scene. As far as I know, there’s no connection with this car fire and […]

I Bought a Selfie Stick


But it’s okay. I passed the criteria set by The Oatmeal’s “Should you buy a selfie stick?” test. It’s all about the angles and versatility that led me to buy a selfie stick, not vanity (for real). I wanted a stick for my GoPro to get different angles for shots. But then, why buy a […]

Star Dash for the Addicted


Wow, Starbucks’ latest personalized Star Dash is definitely one for the addicted. My goal to complete the Star Dash? Make 30 purchases to get a bonus of 15 stars. 30 purchases from January 20 to February 19, 2015. I don’t think the motto of “Shine on” is appropriate for this challenge. More like “Shake on” […]

Nike Max HAM for the Outdoors


So what if these Nike basketball shoes were made for 2013 outdoor play? I still like the Nike Max HAM shoes featuring high abrasion material to withstand balling on the blacktop. This colorway is surprisingly good (maybe the best color combo of the HAMs), and at Ross’ cost of 50 bucks, these pickups were a […]

Kicks for Old Rich Guys

Found these New Balance kicks on clearance at Nordstroms and affectionately refer to them as “kicks for old rich guys.” I mean I did find these New Balance Elite 572 “Gum Pack” at Nordstroms after all with a starting price of around $130. But with the steep clearance discount, these mature-looking kicks became very affordable. […]

Did Amazon Just Reboot the iPod?


Don’t look now, but did Amazon reboot the venerable iPod with the introduction of the Echo? We all know the iconic iPod isn’t the draw it once was and is in need of a remake. I’ve mentioned before how the iPod could be re-imagined to a multi-purpose home device. A WiFi basestation/extender, a multi-device charger, […]

A Starbucks “Cultural Exchange”


So from the Land Down Under, Starbucks North America gained the Flat White, newly featured on menus. Supposedly originating in Australia, this drink is all business with none of that fluffy, fatty stuff. In exchange for this coffee purist drink, Starbucks is giving Australia a taste of American indulgence with the Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino. Yes, […]