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On Saturday, July 26, 2014, Windward Mall hosted the Discover Windward event. This gathering featured neighborhood vendors, live music, and food truck fare and was kicked off with a social media-based scavenger hunt. Thirty of us canvased the mall looking for, tagging, and posting these depictions:

  1. This is so #DiscoverWindward
  2. Made in Hawaii
  3. Nomz
  4. I didn’t know this about @WindwardMall
  5. Family friendly fun
  6. Can someone buy this for me please?
  7. The coolest thing I’ve seen all day!
  8. This is my jam

Here are some of my (non-winning) submissions. In fact, since I stayed at the mall after the official scavenger hunt, I almost had another set of #DiscoverWindward submissions.

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Although I didn’t win any individual prizes, every participant received a goodie bag and was treated to an overall fun night out. Congratulations to the Ozawa family for taking the top prize with this awesome (and akamai) collage. As soon as I saw that entry┬áin my #DiscoverWindward Twitter stream, I thought to myself, “great idea.”

If you want to discover Windward, be sure to follow Windward Mall online.

The special Starbucks Clover brewing system has finally arrived in Hawaii, and it’s been here for two or three weeks. If you visit the newest Starbucks location in Aina Haina, you’ll find the first Clover on Oahu. Thanks to @yoda808 for the recon.

Clover Brewing in Aina Haina

Clover Brewing in Aina Haina

clover-store-locatorUsing the Starbucks store locator confirms that store 1009038 is the only Clover system in Hawaii. What’s so good about the Clover? I’m going to really, really dumb it down, but it makes fancy coffee even fancier. Taste a Clover prepared coffee, and you’ll taste a difference.

Just let it be known that only stores that meet certain specifications have Clovers installed. Now, I’m really surprised that this new (untested) location in Aina Haina has a Clover instead of seeing one at a high traffic location like Ward, but Starbucks must have done their research. Or maybe just the potential of (wealthy) Hawaii Kai commuters needing an exquisite pick-me-up for the drive to town would justify the Clover placement. Who knows, but I do know Aina Haina is a far drive from the Windward side. :(

Now can finally show an entry for Hawaii for Clover locations.

Looks like Nike is pushing the new Kaishi line to the masses with releases at Sports Authority. Will the “next Roshe” be as popular as the Roshe Run line that shares visual similarities? The Roshes started boutique but then gained widespread popularity, and now you can find them pretty much anywhere. I guess Nike wants the Kaishi to share the same success as the Roshes.

Kaishi at Sports Authority

Kaishi at Sports Authority

Okay, okay, I’ll ultimately overlook these gaffes because I don’t want to be banned from Liliha Bakery Coco Puffs. And I know they’re overwhelmed getting their new location fully operational. But the mistakes on their boxes? Yikes.

Here’s their box.

Liliha Bakery box

Liliha Bakery box

Look closer at the instructions to keep “refrigeated.”

"Keep refrigeated"

“Keep refrigeated”

Maybe I should leave a message at Oh wait, or is that Ow, mistakes in the Assurance of Quality section.

Assurance of Quality

Assurance of Quality

But both you and I know, it’s what’s in the box that really matters.

Oh dear. This is your vocation, your job, this is what you do. Please don’t misspell construction (twice).

Contruction *Danger*

Contruction *Danger*

Go for the Music

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Go watch the Fifty Shades of Grey movie for the music featuring Beyonce with a remake of Crazy in Love.

February 14, 2015

After seeing a water filling station at the ala mater, I had to Google it to learn more. Looks like it’s from Flo Water. Interesting…wonder if we can get one for the workplace???

Flo Water

Flo Water

You’ve seen the foretelling signs at local Starbucks, and now La Boulange pastries and goodies have debuted in Hawaii Starbucks last week. Along with the yumminess, stores were highlighted in matching pink accents.




I’ve tried a cheese danish and cranberry orange scone (at different visits), and interestingly both we’re heated up. Previously, you had the option of warming up your food. Now warming seems like a La Boulange mandate. What did I think? The pastries were a step up from previous offerings though I’ve had better elsewhere. Sorry, but that’s my honest opinion. Have you found a La Boulange favorite? There are a lot of new offerings so maybe I’ll find a personal favorite in the new lineup.


Executive Chef Exited

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Seemingly a great location in Kailua, it was not. The Executive Chef that opened on Kailua Road in late 2011 is now closed. I’m not certain when they closed but driving by, you’ll see emptied spaces.


Ugh, I can’t say this is a positive change for Ala Moana, but I guess it is necessary. With all the construction and expansion of the shopping center and nearby buildings, safety for the shoppers is paramount, and all of this helps protect you and me.

Where in Ala Moana?

Where in Ala Moana?

But where is this in Ala Moana? Can you guess?

After sleeping on the photo blue colorway of the Nike Air Max Lunar1 and seeing them sell out within a day, Nike has them restocked online. There’s also a new colorway of wolf grey/midnight navy along with an unnamed watermelon-colored lunar midsole. Still though, I prefer the pop of the photo blue along with the yellow accents.

Nike Air Max Lunar1 Photo Blue

Nike Air Max Lunar1 Photo Blue

pillbox-signAfter reading this Exploration Hawaii post about 5 Great Kid Friendly Trails on Oahu, our family decided to hike the Lanikai Pillboxes of Kaiwa Ridge. Though we’ve been Windward residents for years, we never hiked the Pillboxes with our young kids, instead sticking to the paved ways of Diamond Head and Makapuu Lighthouse.

Parking is tight since you’re in the cramped Lanikai area. There are a few parking stalls nearby the trail entrance, and we lucked out with a spot as hikers continually come and go. The trail entrance is nondescript, just looking like an opening between fences. Going up the Pillbox entryway is what you can expect from the rest of the hike. No paved walkways, no handrails, just dirt, rocks, and trees. Kids have a little bit of difficulty making it up, but it is very doable. Once you make it up to the landing, you’re greeted with an open view of Lanikai and the Mokulua Islands.

After admiring your first visual vista, it’s time to go up. There’s no real main path, just a general direction that all the hikers take. Some parts are wide enough for groups to pass. Other places are narrow with one lane of traffic in each direction.

On the way to the first pillbox, you have two great views. On one side, you see the Mid Pacific Country Club and on the other, Lanikai, its beaches, and the blues of the Pacific Ocean.

A word of caution. It can rain on your hike and with the wear and tear of the trail, it’ll get slick and easy to lose your footing. There was a passing drizzle on our morning hike that brought some heat relief and of course, a rainbow.

At the first pillbox, the Mokulua Islands are in clear view as well as the neighborhood of Lanikai.

The path to the second pillbox seemed more craggy and closer to ridge lines. While general caution will keep you safe, you can definitely injure yourself if you don’t respect the terrain and cooperate with fellow hikers.

From the second pillbox, you can see the entire stretch of Bellows in Waimanalo.

Sitting atop the pillbox is a great place to snack, rest, and reflect.

And of course, the panorama of the Windward coastline is just awesome.

While there are more pillboxes, the general public turns around at the second one since hiking to the others is more challenging. All in all, the hike with kids and stops along the way took under 90 minutes. After this workout, don’t forget to head to the nearby Island Snow shop for a cool, refreshing snack.

Then share your Lanikai Pillbox hike experience online with Dwellable’s #GetYourGlassOutside contest.

Please retweet the above tweet to help my contest entry. For a few more pictures, check out my Flickr album.