Is There a Moped Under There?


I had to do a double take after seeing the 2014 Scion iQ on the road. It’s so tiny and small that I wondered if secretly there was a moped under the exterior. Seriously, two of those cars could quite well fit into a single parking stall. So really, is there a moped under there?

Swell Bottles Now at Starbucks Hawaii


I had not heard of S’well bottles until today when I walked into Starbucks and saw these somewhat-out-of-place vibrant orange bottles. On one side it said S’well, on the other was a picture of the Hawaiian islands along with the text Starbucks Hawaii. Swell bottles are stainless steel and double insulated like many others out […]

Starbucks Hawaii Gets Oat Cakes?!?

In Portland, Oregon, Starbucks fans can pre-order and pay for their drink using their mobile devices. The Midwest has already experienced the new forthcoming holiday drink, the Chestnut Praline Latte or CPL. In Hawaii, well, we have the Hawaii Oat Cake. Yes, an oat cake. How exciting. On a backhanded positive note, our state is […]

Apple Pay Worked for Me


Upgrading to iOS 8.1 was easy enough, but then what do I do with an Apple Pay enabled iPhone 6? You try it out on a break room vending machine, and amazingly Apple Pay worked! First, I had to setup Apple Pay, associating my iTunes information for payment. Then I walked by the vending machine […]

October is Oc-Clover


October 2014 in Hawaii is becoming Oc-Clover with Starbucks finally making the Clover brewing system available on-island. Starting on Thursday, October 23, select Clover locations will fire up their machines (with trained personnel).

Signs of Hawaii: Private Property


See that little placard on the ground? It’s repeatedly placed every ten feet or so in the Ward area. What’s it say? Private property Permission to use Revocable At any time I’m guessing that line on the ground separates the public sidewalk from the private property. So you can hang out behind the line (and […]