Reading About DreamPress 2

What’s this about the release of DreamPress 2? Dreamhost’s managed WordPress environment recently got revved with some cool features. Files are now stored and served up from speedy SSD drives. Automatic daily backups appear to be newly added, and of course, there’s all the other performance enhancing features that got even better. Nice. Very nice.

Loving Leather Soul


Thanks to Leather Soul Downtown (LSDT) for a great shoe buying experience. While I don’t venture into Downtown Honolulu very often, I’m thinking I’ll be a more frequent visitor after learning of LSDT’s solid collection of New Balance sneakers. Making a name for their upscale and high class shoes, Leather Soul diversified their offerings with […]

The Marcus Mariota Marketing Effect


Perhaps it’s only coincidental. Perhaps brands already had these items lined up for the summer of ’15. But have you noticed the Hawaii motif items coming to market? Is this due in part to one-local-boy-turned-Titan, Marcus Mariota? I’m not talking about custom made Nikes but rather the rash of kicks featuring Hawaiian camo, aloha, hot […]

Ensure vs Assure vs Insure

Did you notice the similar but different words, assure, insure, and ensure? I hadn’t thought much about them until Pulpy reader @abaggy pointed out my usage of ensured versus assured. Here’s what says about this trio: Basically, insure, ensure, and assure mean to make a person or thing more sure. Insure should be restricted […]

How Hard Is It to Make Color Copies?

Much too hard is the answer. So I wanted to make copies, actually smaller versions of a school photo. From a color 8×10 photo, I needed a 4×6 and some 3×5 sizes. First, I call Target to see if they have photo services. I was ensured they have a photo kiosk near Customer Service. I […]

Kicks with Aloha


Maybe it’s purely coincidental or it may be an effect of Hawaii-born Marcus Mariota, but Nike has been releasing several Hawaii-themed goods. There’s the Mahalo Marcus shirt, and now there’s the Air Huarache “Aloha” and Roshe One Print for the women. Then there’s the “hot lava” colorways like this Air Jordan 5 for girls. The […]