Went with the Caseology Vault for My iPhone 7

While there was a surprising number of cases available for the iPhone 7 at its launch, I was drawn to Caseology’s Vault case with its carbon fiber styling. At roughly $10, the case doesn’t actually have carbon fiber in it, just a facade that mimics the look of carbon fiber. Hey, it works for me! […]

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Asked to Leave… Again

It’s been a few years since I was asked to leave a store, but it finally happened again. Well, to be clear, I wasn’t directly asked to leave the store, but I could not have my drink in the store, so I took it as an indirect request to leave the store. And I did, […]

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Ala Moana Parking Stall Counter

Recently, I noticed that Ala Moana now indicates how many open parking stalls are in the various parking areas. As you go up the Keeaumoku entrance ramp, you’ll see the big board counting all the open spaces (sorry, I don’t have a pic). I had seen this on the mainland but never in Hawaii. I wondered […]

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Old Airport Express, New Problem

Maybe it was fun while it lasted, but my revitalized AirPort Express, the 802.11g version, isn’t showing up as an AirPlay device anymore. It was there the other day, but today I can’t see it to stream music through. This geeky  experiment could be over. Oh wait… powering down then restarting the Airport Express seems […]

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iPhone 7 Migration: Bluetooth

Okay, this was expected since my iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 are two separate devices, but I did have to pair my iPhone 7 with all my gear and hardware. Yup, the car, the headphones, the external speaker, the other car, the keyboard, and the Pebble (okay, not really since the Apple Watch). Also, it’s amazing […]

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Apple Airport Express 802.11g Rides Again

I’ve had the older 802.11g Apple Airport Express sitting in a box unused for a few years. Ever since Apple updated its Airport Utility management software to ignore this older model, it essentially became unusable. Until now… Well, I guess this solution has been out there for some time, but I only stumbled upon it yesterday. […]

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iPhone 7 Migration: Apple Trusted Device

While moving to a new iPhone, don’t forget to make this new phone a trusted device with Apple. By doing so, whenever you’re prompted to provide a security code, your new iPhone 7 is one of the choices to receive this security challenge. If you don’t make this update, then your security challenge will most likely […]

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iPhone 7 Migration: Authenticator

I should have seen this coming, but I forgot that my two-factor authentication codes might get messed up switching phones (and also upgrading to a new iOS). Sure enough, launching Google Authenticator on my iPhone 7 brought up a new, blank configuration. Luckily, all my accounts and codes are on my old iPhone so accounts […]

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Kozo Is Not Genki

For the sushi uninitiated, Kozo is not Genki and hence doesn’t have the issue with Hepatitis A-tainted bay scallops. For good measure, Kozo tells you so.  

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My First iPhone 7 Accessory Purchased

A new phone means a new case. While I’m satisifed with my current Spigen case for my iPhone 6, the look of this Caseology Vault Series in Stealth Armor won me over, especially for ten bucks. Although it’s not carbon fiber, I do like its faux look. Just hoping it looks okay in real life.

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My Second iPhone 7 Accessory Purchased

So I didn’t think the missing headphone jack of the iPhone 7 was going to be a big thing. Apple does include a Lightning to minijack adapter with the iPhone 7. Even then, I’m looking at getting Griffin’s iTrip Clip. At $20, this small device “bluetooth-ifies” regular headphones. Sure you gotta charge it, but this […]

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