Black Hills or Mount Rushmore

Hmmm, so I’m guessing to make more sales, the same puzzle is sold as two different products? Check out the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore puzzles sold at Costco – kinda look like the same puzzles, no? Admitting my ignorance, I didn’t know Mount Rushmore was in the Black Hills area of South Dakota, so I […]

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A Fun Black Friday

Albeit I didn’t do a whole lot of shopping on Black Friday 2016, but I did brave Ala Moana for a few hours. This was in the late afternoon when I figured the crowds would have dissapated and even the heartiest of shoppers would have hit the wall. I was sorta right. Parking was available […]

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Starbucks Coffee Tumbler for 2017

Starbucks released their special edition coffee tumbler that allows for free coffee during January of 2017. Yep, for the 31 days of January, you can bring in this $40 tumbler and get free brewed coffee (or tea). Usually additions like vanilla and caramel are free of charge when using this tumbler. While you’re there, pick […]

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Pumpkin Pie at Costco

Typically, we don’t get our Thanksgiving pumpkin pie from Costco, but it’s reassuring to know they are readily available during the season. I mean just look at this. Fresh produce and pumpkin pies! No worry, although the pies go fast, there’s more coming from the bakery.

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Well Done, International Market Place

A promise made, and a promise kept is deserving of praise, and yes, that’s for the International Market Place for addressing their parking rates. After near perfection, the management promised to make amends, and they have with their new parking rate structure in place for the Black Friday shopping weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t have a […]

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Tried for the Adidas NMD and BAPE collaboration but was denied (as expected). Adidas had a mechanism in place to randomly allow visitors to the online sale page, kinda effective.

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International Market Place Striving for Perfection

Hold up. Let’s reconsider the essence of perfection. It’s not one static state but rather a continued journey upon which the International Market Place is on. You remember my almost perfect night at the Market Place, only marred by an exorbitant parking fee? Well, that has since been rectified and soon enough fixed for the […]

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Almost a Perfect Night at International Market Place

Update 11/21/2016: Wow, that was fast. Read how the International Market Place is striving for perfection. Almost. So close to the pinnacle of perfection was our first night at the renovated International Market Place in Waikiki. In the end, this ruined perfection. Yes, yes, we should have known better. This is Waikiki afterall, and the rates […]

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Flight 23 Takes Off in Hawaii

Flight 23 by Footaction officially took flight on Friday, November 18, 2016 with its grand opening in the International Market Place. Technically, this storefront is not really a retail store. It’s an Air Jordan-focused addon to the adjacent Footaction. The workers roam between the two stores, and all purchases are made at Footaction. But still […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: SweetTango Apples

Yes, fruit is on the Pulpconnection Holiday Gift Guide for 2016 in the form of the SweeTango apple. Yes, SweeTango. A funny name and an artifical origin but a very yummy gift for fans of fruit. A hybrid of a Zester and Honeycrisp apple, the SweeTango is super crisp and crunchy. On the inside, the […]

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NES Classic Edition and

Available in limited quantities at, the NES Classic vanished in seconds. I had one in my cart but got several errors when attempting to check out. Of course, when I did manage to checkout, I got another error saying the item was not in stock (even though I had still one in my cart). […]

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