More for Cyber Monday

Although it’s Saturday, Cyber Monday deals are already out, replacing Black Friday specials that started on a Wednesday. While I saw a few items of interest during Black Wednesday-Friday, I already found more items for Cyber Monday…on a Saturday.

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: UGGs

I’ve conceded that UGGs are ubiquitious. For all these years since I first saw the boots with the fur, I thought they were a fad. Here today, gone tomorrow. But nope. UGGs are still around and thriving after all this time despite their “classic” looks. Ugly but built for comfort, UGGs are on Oprah’s Favorite […]

But Is She Japanese?


So Bath and Body Works is promoting their “#1 fragrance” which is the Japanese Cherry Blossom. Interestingly, the model for the Japanese Cherry Blossom doesn’t quite look Japanese. From her eyes, she could be Asian, but with the Japanese Cherry Blossom, I guess she smells “Japanese.”

Did The Bus Give Me a Shaka?

Wait, what? Did The Bus just flash me a shaka and a message of mahalo? This morning as I let a bus cut in my lane of traffic, the bright, back LED screen displayed a shaka hand followed by “mahalo.” Ha, had never noticed this before and was too dumbfounded to take a pic. Well, […]