Target Kailua Soft Opening

Shopping carts went fast

The Target location in Kailua had their soft opening today with the grand opening scheduled for Sunday, March 8. Open to the general public for the first time, the people of Hawaii didn’t disappoint. There was an expected line to get in as many thought today was the official grand opening. The shopping carts were […]

Guess What Starbucks Drink This Is


Can you guess what unofficial Starbucks drink is being crafted in this scene? Here are some hints. You see the cup oversized for the contained espresso shots? See all that ice? The deliberation at the condiment bar is already captured in the picture. All that’s left is to add the (free) dairy for the one […]

Order an Ariana Grande from Starbucks


Are your childhood memorizes scarred after watching a dark remake of the Power Rangers? Need something to pick you up and restore your sweet memories of the colorful rangers not shot up and bloodied? Head on over to Starbucks right now and cleanse yourself by ordering the “Ariana Grande.” Yes, the pop singer’s name naturally […]

Overcoming My Hangup with Desk.PM


As I write this blog post using the Desk app, I’m beginning to understand my hangups using this dedicated blogging app full time. It’s the learning curve, dummy. Years back when I got in to blogging, I used MarsEdit as my blog authoring tool of choice. As Internet connectivity became faster, more ubiquitous, and more […]

Checking Out Apple CarPlay


Like me, you may have heard of Apple’s CarPlay “system” that links your iPhone with your vehicle but never saw CarPlay in action. Today, I got a first hand look at CarPlay via the Alpine iLX-007 in-dash receiver. An aftermarket car stereo replacement, the iLX is CarPlay personified. Connecting your iPhone to the iLX brings up the familiar iOS screen […]

HD Radio in Hawaii


So I just learned that HD radio is indeed available in Hawaii and has been in the islands since 2007. Without HD radio compatible gear, it never mattered to me. But now that I can tune into HD broadcasts, I was looking for tunes in HD. Sadly, there’s not much. Can you tell what music […]