The New Look of Pulp


Notice anything different around here? Actually, Pulpconnection has been different since the end of August, but I just didn’t have the focus to summarize the changes. So on a quiet Sunday morning with a cup of Nespresso, I’m motivated to list the changes. New Look First and foremost, you’ll notice the new look of Pulpconnection. […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Surge Soda


Wow, just wow. Thanks to the social media push of the Surge Movement, Coca Cola is bringing back Surge for a limited time. From 1996, Surge battled Mountain Dew in the citrus soda space but eventually lost out when Surge was discontinued in the early 2000’s. Available only from Amazon, the return of Surge was […]

Arashi Blast: Westbound Traffic


When I saw the horrid westbound traffic this afternoon, I wondered if another Exercise Urban Unrest was underway. The rationale being to observe the traffic crush to Ko’olina this weekend as Arashi takes the stage in their Blast in Hawaii concerts. That’s 15,000 fans headed to the west side for 5:30 concerts on Friday and […]

Are You Ready for Arashi?


I am now that I know what or actually who Arashi is and what impact this boy band from Japan will have on Hawaii this upcoming weekend. 15,000 visitors are headed to the Arashi “Blast in Hawaii” concerts in Ko’olina on Friday and Saturday. Supposedly the Ihilani and Aulani are both completely booked so don’t […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Tivo Mega

Tivo Mega

Sorry, but I’m starting off Pulpconnection’s Holiday Gift Guide, 2014 edition with a product unavailable until 2015. This would be the strange Tivo Mega. Why strange? Who would use this beast? The Mega has 24 TB of RAID5 storage and fits inside of a rack. That 24 TB of storage equates to 4000 hours of […]

What’s Good at Costco?

SB6141 cable modem

What’s good at the Hawaii Kai Costco? Lego Star Wars Microfighters in sets of three. Typically around $10 each, the set of three goes for $24.99. There are two different sets. Motorola Surfboard Extreme cable modem SB6141. The cable modem I bought in 2013, but I remember paying more than $75. Looks like the white […]

If You Live Maunawili…

You stay be affluent so says Business Insider. This is from data taken between 2008 and 2012 for an area with more than 1000 residents. During this time, Maunawili residents had a median household income of $137,143, reportedly the highest in Hawaii.

Disney Aulani Tips 2


Here’s my second set of tips focusing on food and dining while staying at the Disney Aulani. Whoops, this post was in draft mode all this time, and I guess I forgot about it. So here it is nearly one year from my first set of Aulani tips. Don’t Buy Bottled Water Yes, the west […]

Comparing Pics


Like many others, my smartphone has become my most used camera. The quality of the images is more than good enough, forget about zooming, and speed matters (speed of getting the camera ready and the speed of snapping pics). So let’s make some unscientific comparisons between the images from an iPhone 5 and the LG […]

Caveat When Exchanging an iPhone 6

If you’re considering exchanging a pre-ordered iPhone 6 for a different model, just know that your mobile carrier upgrade qualifications may be delayed during the exchange. To get the subsidized price of the iPhone 6, you need to re-up your two-year contract with your carrier. But during a return/exchange of a pre-ordered iPhone 6, technically […]