Air Max Lunar1 "Photo Blue"

Returned my Air Max Lunar1

In July/August 2014, I was stoked that I was stocked with the Nike Air Max Lunar1. The Lunar update of the Air Max 1 has been awesome (and stylish too), but the other day, this happened. A part of the outsole separated from the shoe itself. I thought I had something stuck to the bottom […]

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NYDC16 Necessities

Before I forget (heck, I probably already forgot), here are some useful necessities when touring Washington DC and New York. Apple Watch Google Maps and Apple Maps Battery pack Small camera Yelp Adidas Ultra Boost ST Coolmax socks Apple Watch I had just gotten my Apple Watch before our NYDC16 trip and it was good […]

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Apple Watch Stand Shopping

Looking for a stand for my Apple Watch. Right now, the best selling stand on Amazon is a bamboo block cut to hold the watch and an iPhone. Kinda cool and very affordable, but I’m looking for something a little more modern looking, so I’m going with the still-affordable LXORY XStand. It’s that orange highlights […]

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NYDC16 Day 12: Epilogue

Our starting NYDC16 flight was direct, but this was not the case for our return flight. Instead, this flight started at LaGuardia Airport (LGA) to Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). After an unexpectedly extended layover, a replacement aircraft took us to LAX. Funnily, we had bought goodies from Chinatown in New York to tide […]

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NYDC16 Day 11: Liberty, Library, Levain

Our last day in New York and our last CityPass stop was the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. There’s not much to say other than this. Okay, I do have something else to say. Do these canine cutouts actually work? Unfortuantely, we couldn’t get tickets for pedestal access or climbing Lady Liberty, but the […]

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NYDC16 Day 10: 9/11, Brooklyn Bridge, and Sushi

Day 10 had a somber start at the 9/11 Memorial.The magnitude of the Twin Towers memorial site is moving in itself, but the museum is another experience. It truly is difficult to make your way through the museum’s exhibits. If you lived through 9/11, the range of emotions returns and resurfaces. When you hear the stories […]

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NYDC Day 9: Dim Sum, Art, Cheesecake, Shooting Stars

Can you guess where Day 9 of NYDC16 started? Yep, it’s Chinatown for dim sum at Jing Fong (no matter where, local Chinatowns have a distinctive scent #justsaying).Word to the wise, don’t try to take the stairs up to the restaurant. You’ll either end up in the kitchen and yelled at, or you’ll come in from […]

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NYDC16 Day 7: the Empire State

No better way to start the day than 86 stories above this bustling city. Also, there’s much less of a line at the Empire State Building before 9:00 am. The views were clear, just obstructed by the safety bars. Here are pictures taken in between the bars. Just try not to make it a day […]

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Delayed in Transit

Hopefully only a slight hiccup in travel with unplanned airplane maintenance. Guess I’m stuck with this guy. There were a few people hanging out around “W” so I’m not sure if this was some kind of Pokemon stop or just an out of the way place to chill.

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