A CPL Is Better Hot than Cold


After gagging on my first (icded) Starbucks Chestnut Praline Latte, my second experience with a hot CPL was much better. This drink is definitely better hot than cold. You can smell the spices and appreciate the scents accentuating the mild nutty flavors. And without a straw for this hot CPL, I wasn’t concerned about sucking […]

Signs of Hawaii: No Thrashing


I really don’t know what to make of this sign other than thrashing must really be an issue. This sign was posted all over Simply Halloween, a seasonal store in Windward Mall with great discounts on Halloween-themed items. To be honest, I don’t know what “thrashing” means in this context, and Urban Dictionary isn’t much […]

What Happened to Family Feud?


While waiting for a car battery replacement, I had the luxury of watching Family Feud. What happened to this show??? Granted I really haven’t watched the show since the days of Richard Dawson and Ray Combs, but the questions and format had always been predictable. Today with Steve Harvey at the helm, the questions and […]

Who Peeked?


Hey, who peeked?!? The boxes at Starbucks explicitly say no peeking until November 12. Today’s still Veterans Day, November 11. But if your Starbucks did set up their Holiday display just a tad early, it may look like this… Or you could go to starbucks.com/shop for a preview as well. You can say this much, […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Arist, Your Personal Barista

Coffee-based items are mainstays on Pulpconnection’s annual Holiday Gift guides, and 2014 is no different with Arist, your personal barista. Arist is yet another Kickstarter innovation, blending technology with coffee. Can’t get better than that right? With an accompanying smartphone app, you can download various coffee drink recipes, and Arist will concoct that drink. That’s […]