What’s Your Backup Plan asks Big Boi

This morning my Awaken-powered alarm clock started blaring Back Up Plan from Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foot… The Son of Chico Dusty. This timely start of the day had me wondering about my backup plan for my data.

Here’s what my backup plan currently includes (of course, things change).

OS X Time Machine. This built-in Mac OS feature has saved my bacon on occasion and even though my current Time Machine drive lost its mind temporarily, it’s rebuilding and backing up gigs of stuff.

Backblaze. Speaking of gigs of stuff, how long does it take to back up gigs of stuff online? I’m not sure, but I still got Backblaze blazing away. There’s about 200 gigs to go…  Have you signed up?

VaultPress. This is my most recent addition to my backup plan. How do you keep your words (and everything else) on WordPress safe and protected? You store them in a vault, a VaultPress. Since I got a Golden Ticket, I figured I’d try this service in its startup stages.

So if Big Boi asks, my backup plan is Time Machine, Backblaze, and VaultPress!

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