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Rona Tip: Mac OS Screen Time

For those fortunate enough to be employed during these times, you may have noticed your computer usage has increased (dramatically even) while working at home. If you’re on the latest Mac OS, you can check out Screen Time to see just how much time you are spending in front of the screen.

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Configure an Old Apple AirPort Express

Still got a working Apple AirPort Express and want to configure it using a newer macOS such as 10.12 aka Sierra? Follow these helpful instructions. The biggest gotcha is joining the correct wifi network name. For me, my reset AirPort Express was advertising a network of “Apple Network”. But if you follow steps 6 and […]

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My MacBook Pro Saga Ends

Four months later, the saga comes to an end with the receipt of this final shipment. The saga started in January when I received my MacBook Pro charger and charging cable. A few days later, another USB-C dongle showed up. Now in April, my USB-C dongle life is full with the ThunderBolt and Ethernet adapters.

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My New MacBook Pro

At work, I was fortunate enough to order the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and accessories in November. After a prolonged ordering process, my (third party) order finally went through. After not hearing any more after a few days, I contacted the company that replied with a tracking number. Albeit a slow delivery of […]

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Fighting with macOS Optimized Storage

I’ve been fighting with the new macOS Optimized Storage feature today. I accidentally enabled this feature while trying to free up space on my drive. Optimized Storage does make it easy to see what’s taking up all the space and then free up that space. But then you end up with this Purgeable space that […]

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Can’t Rebuild the Database for Mac Outlook 2016

My Mac Outlook 2016 (aka Version 15) has been running real slow so I wanted to rebuild its database to clean up any nagging issues. Holding down the Option key while starting up Outlook 2016 does nothing. There’s a reason for that – there is no database to rebuild anymore. According to this Microsoft Office […]

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Need a Hardware Upgrade

Need a Hardware Upgrade

I’ve had enough trying to coax some old hardware to work. It’s time to upgrade and be done with the problems. Canon Office Products LiDE220 Document Scanner HooToo 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub with 2 Smart Charging Ports Wow, that USB 3.0 hub is originally priced at $180?!?!

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El Capitan Coming September 30

Don’t forget that the launch of Mac OS X 10.11 aka “El Capitan” is coming up on Wednesday, September 30, 2015. Read about its features and if you absolutely can’t wait, you can run the Pre-release/Golden Master version. I can say that the GM version runs adequately on a mid-2007 iMac with 6 GB of […]

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BackBlaze versus Spotlight – Loser!

For too long, my Mac Mini was sluggish. It’s a 2012 model decked out with 16 GB of RAM and an Intel Core i7 processor. But when my 2007 iMac running the bleeding edge Mac OS X 10.11 was snappier than my Mini, I had to dig deeper to see what was going on. I […]

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