Siri and Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay

sbux-recent-ordersThis combination has to be in the works and watch out when it surfaces. The Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay app works great. You place your order via the mobile app and pick up your drink in a few minutes. The most difficult aspect is actually placing your order on the mobile app while driving. Easy if there’s a passenger, not so much if your the sole vehicle occupant. If you’re re-ordering a previous drink, it’ll be on the Previous Order menu, making it a little easier.

But if you wanted to place a new order, you have to browse for the drink or search for it. Either requires tapping on your device. Instead of this dangerous distraction, why not just tell Siri what you want and let he/she/it order it for you? Okay, so you probabably have to acknowledge the order either with a tap of approval or perhaps a Touch ID “unlock” but just imagine the ease and convenience!

And of course, Siri would get trained from your commonly ordered drinks and better understand your verbal order. Or perhaps the app could simply assign numbers to your “quick order” list so all you need to say is, “Hey Siri, order a number 3.”

I can definitely see this happening, and I can’t wait.

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