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Scored Yeezys with the Foot Locker App

The second lucky pickup of the week was thanks to the Foot Locker mobile app. For the launch of the Yeezy Boost 350 Beluga v2.0, Foot Locker was promoting their Launch Locator and reservation system in the mobile app. Being a super duper old school member of the Foot Locker VIP club, I signed up […]

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Siri and Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay

This combination has to be in the works and watch out when it surfaces. The Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay app works great. You place your order via the mobile app and pick up your drink in a few minutes. The most difficult aspect is actually placing your order on the mobile app while driving. […]

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Yes, Simply Yes, CleanMyMac 3

Digital hoarders, help is here. Yes, I too have been living with daily messages that my startup disk is almost full. I love my MacBook Air with its speedy solid state drive, but at a mere 256 gigabytes, there’s only so much I can store. Yes, I’ve gotten rid of music files, transitioning to the […]

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SNeaKeRS, There’s an App for That

Yes, there are now two official apps for sneakers. Adidas used their Confirmed app to secure a pair of Yeezys, and not to be outdone, Nike launches their SNKRS app today. Right now, it looks like full functionality of the app isn’t yet unleashed. You can see mobile versions of Nike’s public launch calendar or […]

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Having Fun with the miZX FLUX App

Hand this one to Adidas. Their new mobile app, miZX FLUX, is a ton of fun. The app simply overlays pictures on a blank silhouette of the Adidas ZX Flux to create your own design (to purchase). Sounds simple but the end results could be stunning. Changing the orientation of the image can get yourself […]

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What App Is That, Melissa Chang?

It started off as a genuine question when I asked Melissa Chang what app she used to create those captivating picture collages. Apparently, I hadn’t been the only one asking. Melissa respectfully answered my query then we joked about how she should blog about the app and drive viewers to her blogged answer. So here […]

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Checking Out the Forecast

Thanks to Kickstarter fiend, Eri, I have a new weather “app” to check out. It’s called Forecast, but it’s not your traditional mobile app. You won’t find this free version in the Apple App Store, instead you head to on your mobile device (or any platform) and follow the instructions. Although not a native […]

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Vote Dwellable for Geekwire’s App of the Year

Dwellable’s mobile app that helps find vacation rentals throughout America has been nominated for Geekwire’s App of the Year. If you’re not familiar with Dwellable or its revamped app, take a minute to read my app review. 🙂 Okay, so I did win an iPad Mini for my winning review but hey, I still endorse […]

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Saab Cars and Kiddori

At first, the license plate of this Saab caught my eye. WASAAB. I see what the car owner did there with Wassup and a Saab. Then the frame for the license plate caught my eye. It’s an advertisement for That’s an interesting way to advertise an app! For a description of the app, check […]

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Something and Sounds at Starbucks

Picked up Draw Something and SoundHound from Starbucks today. These are the weekly Pick of the Week freebies, and as an added bonus, the Starbucks treat receipts are back. Buy a drink in the AM and get any grande iced drink for 2-bucks after 2 PM. That’s any drink including a custom creation with extra […]

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