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Buy Mac Software and Donate to Haiti Relief

For today, January, 20, 2010 only, independent Mac software developers have joined together to offer their support for Haiti relief efforts. If you buy their software today, proceeds go to supporting Haiti. Check out the great list of apps at IndieRelief and make a buy today! Update: Hope you made your purchase to help support […]

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Stealing Apples

It was bound to happen, but a crime ring in California is targeting buyers of new Apple hardware. After leaving the store with your purchase, the thieves would watch and follow you. If you leave your vehicle with your purchases inside, you’d come back to a burglarized car. Haven’t you noticed or seen quite a […]

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Observing a Heretic

Some general observations to round out my review of a Hackintoshed Dell Inspiron Mini 10v. I wouldn’t consider this Netbook a multitasking machine. Sure, it can run several apps simultaneously, it’s just that I wouldn’t. The Netbook is built for the convenience of portability, not performance. So take it nice and easy. The Dell Mini […]

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Software for a Hackintosh

Since the Netbook has lightweight tech specs, I’m not expecting it to outperform a laptop or desktop machine. Accordingly, I’m not going to load it up with a bunch of intensive software. Instead, I’m keeping it simple. Installation Before getting to the apps though is the hurdle of installing applications. With no optical (CD or […]

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Compare the size

Laying Hands on a Convert

Now that you have a converted heretic, it’s time to lay your hands on your Hackintosh Netbook. The first thing you notice is the Netbook’s small size. The Dell Inspiron Mini 10v is 10 inches wide, 7 inches deep, about 1 inch tall, and weighs 2.5 pounds. Compared to a 15-in MacBook Pro, the Mini […]

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Dell Mini 10v Running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Converting a Heretic

With your Dell Inspiron Mini 10v in hand, it’s time to make the leap of faith. Yes, this step is scary since you could actually mess up and be left with a dead computer. But with all the Hackintosh success stories and help guides out there, don’t worry too much. Just be sure to read […]

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My Dell Inspiron Mini 10v Notes

Some notes from my experience with a Dell Inspiron Mini 10v, so I don’t forget. Base checklist, also taking hints from here specifically the use of Netbook Maker and Netbook Installer. BIOS change to A04 worked as described. Lots of LOUD beeping involved. Don’t have a large capacity flash drive so using an older 20 […]

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Making a Snow Leopard Cry

Obviously a Mac OS X Snow Leopard can cry. Just don’t upgrade to iTunes 9 along with the accompanying music library update, gap analysis, and genius matching and update your iPhone to 3.1 and redeem an iTunes gift card and do a Time Machine backup all on a variety of drives. You too can make […]

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MacUpdate Promo Spring Bundle Available

Other than MacHeist, the other great deal of bundled software apps for the Mac comes from MacUpdate. Their Spring Bundle is now available for $50 and includes 11 apps plus 2 more for the first 15,000 buyers. The Spring Bundle contains: TechTool Pro 5. Comprehensive tools for your Mac and hard drives. Parallels Desktop. Run […]

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