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Shipping Is How Much?!?

Living in Hawaii, you have to accept a few things. One of these is the higher cost of shipping items to the aina. Take, for example, this Funko Pop of his Airness, Michael Jordan. Although now reduced in price from $12.50 to $9.00, the shipping cost is truly cost prohibitive. Yes, you’re seeing that right. […]

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Reselling and the Hawaiian High Cost of Shipping

The first lesson painfully learned for reselling in Hawaii is the high cost of shipping. Mailing a pair of shoes in-state costs around $8, but once that Pacific Ocean is crossed, another $10 is added on. And that makes a huge difference for eBay sales. Paying an additional $18 for shipping on top of the […]

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Slow Shipping This Holiday Season

I’m sure it can’t only be me, but has shipping packages this holiday season been slower than previous years? I don’t ever recall having so many parcels delayed or even damaged. I even thought one of my UPS packages was stolen only to find it delivered five days after it was reported. Must be the […]

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How Long Does Two-Day Shipping Take?

So as Cyber Monday wound down, I learned of deep discounts at Cole Haan online. Along with a one-day discount of 50%, clearance items were already marked down 30%. On top of that, in partnership with Shop Runner, there was free two-day shipping. Cyber Monday was November 28. It’s now December 7, and there’s still […]

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Tivo Has No Free Shipping to Hawaii

Tivo Has No Free Shipping to Hawaii

Aww, that’s a real bummer. Tivo has a promotion to upgrade existing customers to their new Roamio platform. Sadly, their free shipping offer isn’t valid for Hawaii. The estimated shipping is $38 which is significant. Amazon sells the Roamios as well so with Amazon’s discount and truly free shipping, Tivo’s promotion is essentially negated. And […]

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