The End of Trauma and Drama on Dancing with the Stars

The trauma and drama filled season of Dancing with the Stars has come to a close with Helio Castroneves and now two time champion Julianne Hough winning the coveted mirror ball trophy. With both couples receiving perfect scores for their final dances, the fans vote vaulted Helio and Julianne over Mel B and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts was eliminated earlier in the night.

Even though the DWTS season is ten weeks long, it’s seen a fair share of trauma and drama over that short period. Let’s see if I can remember them all… Marie Osmond started it off by fainting after doing the samba. Then there was the passing of her father, updates about her divorce followed by news that her son entered rehab. Jane Seymour also had a dramatic time with the passing of her mother, concerns about her home in California forest fires, and didn’t she get food poisoning? The guys weren’t any luckier with Wayne Newton fighting off a heart infection and Floyd Mayweather protecting a sprained ankle on the finale show. And oh yeah, after the finale, Mark Ballas had to be taken away by ambulance due to a serious shoulder injury aggravated by his performances on the finale. Fun times I tell ya.

Here’s a news story about Mark’s injury (from KITV news).

If you want to relive Season 5 of Dancing with the Stars, be sure to check out the season’s recap. Mark Cuban’s ass? I got it. Abercrombie & Fitch man candy? Yup, it’s there. A Xanadu-like waltz? Check. Marie’s thud and oh crap moment. See it again. Youth pwned? Absolutely. Julianne Hough farting on national television? Can you smell it? The power of the Oprah is all mighty. Amen! Going fanatic over a Viennese Waltz? It is beautiful.

Do you need to relive the awarding of the mirror ball trophy to Helio and Julianne? Here’s the last few minutes of the finale.


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