Another Sign I’m Getting Old

I noticed my car radio is dialed into 96.3 KRTR more often – a sign I’m getting older. I’ve been taking a break from my iPod to listen to weather and traffic reports, but I can’t really find a station to lock in on. I know that it’s gonna be a good night for the boom boom pow if I blame it on the alcohol. And yes, I know the androgynous Lady Gaga wants to just dance and take a ride on my disco stick. Is there anything else playing?

And to Maleko, you’re okay but at times a little rude. KC and Taka, not understanding what Taka is saying was fun years ago, now it’s kinda annoying. Sam Da Man, you had chance, but the pair of Rory and Gregg still reign. The range and spontaneity of these guys still can’t be touched. Only if the Wake Up Crew weren’t on 98.5 (which still isn’t programmed into my radio). I just can’t get into their music format. But then if I do, maybe that’s yet another sign that I’m getting older.

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