A Setup in Week 5 of Dancing with the Stars

This past week of Dancing with the Stars had to be a set up for things to come. The lowest score in Week 5 was a 21?! Len Goodman consistently giving out higher scores than Bruno? All I can say is watch out in Week 6 as the feelgood is gone!

Natalie Coughlin looked great as Wonder Woman but her performance made me wonder if she can make it to the medal rounds. Aaron Carter definitely redeemed himself this week, but what was that pseudo-military uniform he was wearing in the pre-dance clip?

I really didn’t like Michael Irvin’s paso doble, but he got respectable scores and commendations from the judges. Remember the set up mentioned above? I still think Michael’s the next one to go, but if he makes it through Week 5, he’s going to get ripped in Week 6 if he doesn’t dominate.

Mya is still the front running lady and the Argentine Tango to Jem’s They was solid. Can newcomer pro partner Dmitry bring out and sustain the best in Mya? Mark Dacascos had a good week with his smoking paso doble with Lacey. Never mind she looked like the Big Red Chicken from Dora the Explorer, her paso entrance was literally smoking!

Donny Osmond and Kym had the biggest breakthrough of the week, almost achieving perfection. With Donny’s hectic schedule, can he maintain this intensity? Chelsie and Louie Vito are struggling, and Chelsie continues to compensate by overperforming. They make a cute couple though.

Derek Hough => Mark Ballas and Joanna Krupa > Melissa Joan Hart. Therefore Derek & Joanna > Mark & Melissa. And Joanna is like the inducer of gribbles involved with flubs with both Derek Hough and fill-in partner Maksim.

Love Kelly Osbourne’s story, dancing to Ozzie’s Crazy Train, and garbing Louis in heavy makeup. She needs some of Wonder Woman’s mental toughness to keep her in the game though.

Get ready for some rough scores in Week 6!


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