Popping Bottles and Other Hip Hop Cliches I’ve Never Heard of

I’m no filthy rich hip hop mogul, so it’s no wonder why I’m not popping bottles. Heck, I never knew what popping bubbles meant as well as many of these other hip hop cliches.

  • “Play my/her favorite song”
  • “I like it”
  • “Duece/Dueces”
  • “Animal” or “cannibal”
  • “Swagger” or “swag on”
  • “808’s”
  • “In the club”
  • “Turn it up” or “Turn it loud”
  • “Put your hands in the air” or “put your hands up”

I’d only disagree a bit with 808’s. Maybe it is a type of drum, but if we’re talking Kanye West’s 808’s and Heartbreak, I have to think Hawaii (area code 808 and where Kanye recorded) had some influence.


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