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Askhole, Know Any?

Saw this shirt at The Refinery in Kahala Mall that defines an “askhole.” Do you know any? A person who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the exact opposite.

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I Suffer from Tsundoku

I kinda suspected there was a term for my condition, and I now know its name. I suffer from tsundoku which is defined thusly: The acquiring of reading materials followed by letting them pile up and subsequently never reading them. Yes, I have a collection of books that maybe, just maybe, I cracked the spine on. […]

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“Impietence” Defined

By now, you know of the goodness from the Hawaiian Pie Company. Fresh or frozen, their creations do not disappoint. But… If you get a frozen pie, you have to keep in mind the preparation time. That is, the oven preheat to 400 degrees. Then the actual baking for one hour (or more) until golden […]

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Barack and chill everyone!

When Else Do You Barack and Chill?

Other than being stuck in traffic as the First Family’s motorcade makes its way to an Air Force One departure, when are the other times you Barack and chill? It’s got to be all those times Hawaii residents experience power outages, inexplicably when POTUS is in the islands. This started back in December 2008 when […]

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“Barack and Chill” Defined

I’m defining “Barack and Chill” as: What Hawaii residents have to patiently do while awaiting delays caused by President Barack Obama’s annual holiday stay. If you don’t Barack and chill, you wouldn’t handle delays like this as the freeways are shutdown for the Presidential motorcade making its way to Hickam for their departure. #HITraffic on […]

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Words: Reify

Learned a new word today, reify. make (something abstract) more concrete or real Usually I use the term “realize” but wow, reify is just more mot juste.

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What’s a Sun Shower and “Pineapple Juice”

Wait, what? Spoon University says that a “Pineapple Juice” is Hawaiian slang for a “sun shower.” I sorta guessed what a sun shower is which is pretty much any day in Hawaii where you could see sunshine while still being rained on. But pineapple juice? I’ve never ever heard that phrase around here as related […]

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Favorite Search Terms from Today

Looking at Pulpconnection stats for today (Wednesday, June 24, 2015), here are my favorite search terms: portague jokes howie haiwaiian mainlander While I don’t define portague jokes, the post, 21 Slang Words You Should Know Before Visiting Hawaii, discusses haole aka howie haiwaiian mainlander.

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Ensure vs Assure vs Insure

Did you notice the similar but different words, assure, insure, and ensure? I hadn’t thought much about them until Pulpy reader @abaggy pointed out my usage of ensured versus assured. Here’s what says about this trio: Basically, insure, ensure, and assure mean to make a person or thing more sure. Insure should be restricted […]

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According to Kicks HI in collaboration with NMLS World, Chee! means: The state of being stimulated, refreshed, or elated. An exclamation of excitement that really has no real meaning said down here in Hawai’i. If you know, you know. And I’ll take their word for it, especially with awesomely designed duds emblazoned with Chee! Everyone […]

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Fatbergs, I Would Like to See One

I had never heard of a fatberg before reading this Yahoo article. But now that I know fatbergs exist, I want to see one, if only for scatological reasons. Fatbergs are composed largely of cooking oil that has been poured down drains while hot and runny. Once in the cold water of the sewer system, […]

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