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AT&T Lies Part 1

“The promotion is no longer available.” It’s right there on your website. A view of the promo Another view of the promo Found another listing for the promotion Here are some screenshots of the terms. Maybe Hawaii is a “select location” where this promotion does NOT apply (any more).

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Starbucks Snowman

Starbucks Bonus Star Cookie

For a short time, Starbucks had a promotion pushing their holiday delights. Buy a Snowman Cookie, Peppermint Brownie Cake Pop, or Cranberry Bliss Bar, and you’d get an extra star (but only if you received this offer). Although the cake pop is the smallest, it was kinda costly. So I went with the big snow […]

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Star Dash, Aug 14-27, 2013

Starbucks Star Dash for the “Pros”

Starbucks has gotten smarter with its promotions and who’s eligible for these promotions. Previously, it was a free for all. Once a promo was known, pretty much anyone could use it. Not so anymore. Case in point. Were you informed of the recent Star Dash? It just completed where you get $10 back after 12 […]

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